Homemade Overnight Face Packs for Men’s Skin

As we all have a very little time for ourselves. For men it is very hard to take care of skin during day times. That’s why i thought to share some of the home remedies which can be used at night times and very easy to prepare using natural ingredients available at your kitchen, less time consuming and important thing is that you no need to wait for 10 min or 30 min or until it gets dry like that, once you apply the face mask because you have use these remedies in night times and leave it overnight then wash your face in the morning.

There will be no risk of side effects as these remedies are homemade, natural and for all types of skin. It is reasonable because everyone always wants everything instantly. Always want to get good skin in a very short time.

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After working whole day and in these busy days one can easy use the mask or packs which can be used at night and get healthy and clear skin especially men.

Homemade Overnight Face Packs for Men’s Skin:-

1. The very easy remedy is aloe Vera gel remedy, all you need to do is take out the aloe Vera gel in a bowl and gently apply on cleansed face and neck leave it overnight and wash it using normal water in the morning. If you have dry skin then use it weekly 2-3 times not more than that and if you have oily skin then you can use it weekly 4-5 times in night.

2. Have anyone thought toothpaste can be used as an ingredient in home remedies for acne or pimple skin. So thinking how to use it, apply the toothpaste on the face of pimple or acne and leave it overnight. After getting out of bed, wash your face and see your face in the mirror. You will find your acne will be flat, not as severe as last night.

3. This is a revitalizing face mask which enhances the skin tone.  Take 1 or 2 full slices of cucumber withskin and add few mint leaves and make a thick paste out of it.  Now add few drops of milk to this paste then mix it properly. Apply this pack on the face and neck with the help of cotton and leave it overnight then wash off with cold water in morning and get toned and bright skin. You can use this pack daily in summers.

4.This is one of the easy overnight, take apotato and cut it into slices. Take 1 slice and gently rub the slice on your face in circular motion. Keep rubbing until your skin starts feeling dry and firm. Take another slice and repeat it for about 15-20 mins. Now stop rubbing and let your skin absorb the leftover potato juice. Then leave it overnight and wash in the morning. Do this raw potato remedy 3-4 times in a week for at least 1-2 months contingent upon the amount of scars. Apply some moisturizer on your skin.

5. Grate half cucumber and blend in mixer, then make a paste. Then squeeze out the water, now add 2 tsp. of olive oil in the paste mix well. Now apply the mask on your face and after 10 min go to bed leave it overnight then wash in the morning using cold water. Apply this face mask weekly thrice.

6.Squeeze half tomato in a bowl then take out the tomato juice and then apply on your face leave for 20 min it will become dry then again reapply the juice on your face. Leave it overnight on your face then in morning wash your face using cold water. This face pack is best to get clear skin.

7. Take a 2 tbsp. of honey and place in a bowl, now add required oatmeal (until it will become a paste) to honey combine oatmeal and honey, add little water and mix well. Apply on your face and let it dry overnight. In morning gently massage on your face with water make the mask soft then wash you face using normal water. This pack works great for acne skin and this pack also works as scrub.

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