Fruits Face Packs For Men’s Skin Care

We all know that intake of fruits in our daily diet gives us good healthy, healthy skin and hairs. Fruits are all time favorite for everyone. But you know even your skin loves fruits. A fruit gives your clean, moisturize & helps to tighten your skin pores with their natural ingredients. Fruits contain all the natural properties which our skin needs and have proven their power also.

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A fruit mask is easy to prepare at home consuming less time & money. You can enjoy a relaxing & satisfying natural spa & salon right at your home by using these fruit masks. You can even use your kitchen ingredients along with these fruits face masks. As different fruits have different qualities and do their own magic’s on skin, that’s the good reasons why many of the more exclusive, well know masks & skin care products are based & made up of fruits.

These below fruit face packs help to treat acne, pimples, patches, dull skin and tanning and remove marks from the skin. Today I will be sharing fruit face packs for men’s skin which will help to get clear and glowing skin.

Fruits Face Packs For Men’s Skin Care:

1. Watermelon pulp and juice can be used to treat acne. Cut watermelon into normal size and grind them for 2 min, then separate the pulp and juice. Now you can apply pulp on cleansed face and relax for 10-15 min then wash your face. You can apply juice on your face and a neck, relax for 30 min or until it gets dry then wash it using plain water. Watermelon is known as water-rich fruit which has high vitamins like A, C and D, watermelon pulp acts as a great exfoliant on the skin.

How To Do Fruit Facial At Home


2. Take 1/2 banana, 1/2 tbsp of honey, 1 tbsp of fresh orange juice & 1/4 of milk cream, mash the banana properly, now mix all the ingredients mix well then apply this mixture on cleaned face & neck, you can use this mixture for hands as well. Leave this mask on your face & neck for 15 min then wash your face & neck cold water. You can use lemon juice if required to remove stickiness.

3. The best red fruit to get rid of oily skin is pomegranate. Prepare a face mask by grounding 1 cup of pomegranate seeds with ¾ cup of fresh cream. Then apply this face mask on your face and neck, leave for 20 min then wash it using warm water.

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4. The best red fruit to treat all kinds of skin problems is Cranberries; this fruit is very good for patchy skin. If your skin is prone to getting white patches, then use this red fruits face mask helps to reduce the onset of white patches. You can use this red fruit as face mask or else you can use the fresh cranberries juice to wash your face.

5. As everyone says an apple a day keeps doctor away. Like that only if you rub apple on the pimple area it disappears naturally. Yes, rubbing grated apple on pimples daily make them disappear naturally. Mix grated apple with honey to form a paste. Then apply this mask on your face & neck leave it for 15 min then wash your face & neck with cold water.

6. Banana is very best fruit to have if your body is heat in nature. Banana also works great on dry skin and help to get rid of acne effectively.  Use ripe banana to prepare face masks, mash ripe banana, add 1-2 tsp. of honey and add 1 tsp. of sandalwood powder. Now mix all the ingredients and make a thick smooth face mask, then apply on clean face and neck. Leave for 10-15 min then wash it using cold water.

Top 10 Homemade Face Pack for Men’s Daily Skin Care

7. Kiwi fruit comprises high quantities of vitamin C, E, and K which helps to increase collagen creation, reloads skin, and includes antioxidants. Kiwi brightens up dull skin and has anti-ageing  Yogurt acts as natural bleach for skin. Just take 2 ripe Kiwi fruit and 1 tbsp. of yogurt. Then mash the Kiwi fruit and mix in yogurt. Mix both the ingredients properly then apply to cleansed face and neck and wash off after 30 mins.  Repeat this weekly for bright skin and smooth touch.

8. Red plum fruit face mask helps to get rid of acne and dark marks. Make homemade fruits face mask using red plum and milk then apply on clean face and neck leave for 10-15 min then wash it using plain water.

9. Take about 1/4th of an orange Juice and 1 tbsp. of  Mix both the ingredients properly in a bowl and form a smooth paste. Apply generously the pack over face and neck; and relax for some time. It gives a cooling and peaceful effect on your skin. Rinse using normal water and pat dry. Enjoy a smooth and glowing appearance with no hint of oiliness on skin. Best cooling face pack in summer.

10. This face pack is best to get clear skin. The best and easiest fruit face mask is tomato face mask, which have a lots of skin benefits. Crush 1 red tomato with your hands and add 3 drops of lemon juice then apply on your skin in circular motion. When it gets dry on your skin, then wash your skin with dilution of raw milk and water. This mask helps to reduce dark marks and wrinkles.

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