Best 10 Hair Care Tips For Summer

Our hair gets damaged in numerous different ways during summers like over contact to sun’s UV harmful rays, lot of sweating, humidity and spending too much time in a swimming pool which is one of the major causes for damage hairs. Whereas all of these are major causes are sufficient to lead to a bad hair during summer and causes long-term damage to hairs, a little defensive care all our hair needs to stay beautiful and healthy during summers .

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We all recognize that how the hot summer sun and its rays are harmful for our skin and we do take lots of protections for it. But have you ever thought that even our hairs can be affected from this summer sun and its harmful rays? The sun can ruin equally mess with our hair like it does with our skin. Here are few major effects of sun on our hairs during summers :-

  • Very important is Even little sweat and dirt donated by summers rise hair problems like dandruff, split ends, frizzy hair and increased to lot of hair fall.

  • Hair inclines to get burnt very badly in the hot sun and can turn brownish in color with split ends. Even Colored hair tends to get fade effect if you stay out in sun for too long.
  • You will be having beautiful, healthy, bouncy hair all year till the summer comes, but in summer hair turns limp, dull and lifeless. There are no signs of any kind of bounce any more. This happens due to high humidity content in the air settles on your hair and deliberates it to down and the results are dry, thin and limp hair.

Below are the few Best Hair Care Tips for Summer try them out and keep your hairs beautiful and healthy this summer.

1. Always use a scarf or hat to keep covered your head when you are out in the sun. Not only does this help to provide extra UV protection, but it also keeps the scalp to preserve moisture. A hat decreases the damage of hair affected by wind, especially if the hair is prone to knotting and shields colored hair.

2. Avoid using too much Cosmetics for skin and hairs during summer. As summers already dehydrates the hair out and reason for damage to them. So make sure you go easy or best to avoid using on any chemical hair treatments during this period. If you actually want to color your hair or modification the color during summers, then better you try and do it 1 or 2 months before the sun really knockouts hard.

3. Try using Sun Hair Healing mask or use homemade hair packs after your hair is visible to the damaging effects of the sun for a long time.

Homemade Hair Packs For Summer Season

4. Best take care tips of your hairs after swimming in summers. If you’re have a golden hair which turns green after a swim in the pool, try washing out your wet hairs with ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar and 2 cups of water to get rid of marks, discoloration and dullness. This helps to get your hair wet before in-flowing the water as then it won’t engross as much chlorine into your hairs.

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5. Escape using extra heat on your hair; means make the slightest use of hair dryers, ironing or hair curlers on your hair. If you have to use it then reminisce the condition your hairs before you do so. As it will lead to more damage of hairs.

6. Trimming your hairs is very important during summers. Trim the damaged parts of your hair, especially if you incline to have curly hair and it’s better to keep them short during summer. Keep a short hairstyle during summer and you enjoy the sun, without having any worries about your hairs.

7. Escape hot water head bath and hair wash, as the heat may damage your hair badly. Choice for cool water instead of hot or warm water and keep your hairs beautiful, healthy and bouncy.

8. Make sure you use hot oil massage before hair wash during summers. Coconut, olive, almond and avocado oils are good to strong the hair. Shampoo your hair as regular and then slog in oil from ends to the roots of your hairs. Wash, then condition as usual. Your hair will feel soothed later but not oily, sticky or greasy. But avoid using shampoo daily as it can also make your hair dry and dull. Shampooing your hair every day in summers removes natural moisture from your hair.

9. Escape dragging whatever through your hair when they are wet, as that’s when it’s maximum inclined to breaking of hair. Use wide-tooth combs which are most gentle for untangling hairs, as brushes will pull and slit when they holdup hair strands.

10. Always keep your hair tied, knotted or wear buns or plats to avoid total direct contact to sun and it helps to control crimps.

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