Top Remedies To Get Rid of Pimples and Pimple Marks Faster

Who doesn’t want to have acne, pimples and pimple marks free skin? Acne is that type of skin illness in which the unknown sebum gets collected in the small holes of the skin and gets stuck in there. Acne normally performs on the face, back, shoulder, neck and chest. Acne’s next target is to from pimples. Pimple is a procedure by acne. A pimple looks like a juicy spot with a yellow and white liquid pus or head on it.

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There are lots of ways to eradicate acne, pimple and its marks. There are a lot of chemicals and medicines and many skin treatments are available in the market to eradicate pimples and marks, but it will take time or sometime it will not work at all. Even there are few home remedies and natural remedies which work effectively in eradicating pimples and marks within a very short time.

I have shared many homemade remedies to treat acne and pimples in previous articles. But in today’s article I would be sharing the remedies to get rid of pimples and its marks faster.

Top Remedies To Get Rid of Pimples and Pimple Marks Faster:

Note:- Please do a patch test before using any ingredients or if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in below remedies don’t use that ingredient.

1. The very effective and easy remedy is lemon remedy. Lemon is the one of quickest way to get rid of acne or pimple marks. Lemon juice contains vitamin C, which helps pimples to dry up faster. Just squeeze lemon in a bowl and once juice is out take a cotton ball and slope the cotton ball in lemon juice and apply it to acne, pimples or pimple marks and leave it overnight. Wash the area with lukewarm water for better result next morning.

Natural Ayurvedic Face Packs for Acne and Pimples

2. Ice helps to get rid of pimples quickly. It helps in improving blood circulation to the affected area, and in freezing the skin pores and removing dirt and oil accumulated on the skin. You can use ice cubes or crushed ice, whichever is convenient. Wrap the ice in a piece of cloth and hold it on the affected skin area for a few seconds or even you can apply it directly on pimples to get rid of them faster. Wait a few minutes and repeat the process. When used repeatedly on the pimples throughout the day, ice helps reduce inflammation or swelling and will immediately soothe your skin.

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3. Mix fully mashed tomatoes with a tbsp. of lemon juice and apply it on your face. Leave it until it gets dry. It is a very effective face pack to get rid of pimples, pimple marks and remove skin oiliness. Or you can even apply directly tomato juice on pimples leave it overnight and wash it in the morning. Besides this it also makes your skin supple and tight thereby preventing premature aging signs.

4. Separate egg white from the broken egg and apply it on your face. It’s better to apply it during night times to get more effective results. If you are comfortable with its slight smell then you can leave it for whole night. Once you wash off this, you will see stunning results. Do apply this tip only if you are allergic-free to eggs.

5. Make a paste of Turmeric powder and olive oil, take 1 tbsp. of olive oil and add 1/2 tsp. of turmeric powder, mix well to form a paste. Then apply this paste on pimple or pimple marks skin or u can just apply on acne scars (to avoid the yellow tinge to stick on your skin or face) Then leave for 1 hrs then gently massage for 10 min then wash it using normal water.

6. Steaming is incredible for skin at any time, but generally when have pimples on skin. The steam will unclog the clogged skin pores and permit the skin to breathe. This helps to eliminate oils, dirt as well as trap the bacteria’s in the hair follicle which can cause impurity or inflammation.

7.Garlic is an anti-fungal and antiseptic agent that can help to remove pimples. The sulphur contain in garlic also help to heal the pimples faster. Take 4-5 garlic clove and crush them nicely and extract the juice. Now apply the juice on pimples with the help of cotton and later that you can also apply the crinkled garlic on it. Leave it overnight and wash the area in morning with fresh water to get rid of pimple marks.

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