How to conditioner your hairs at home?

How to conditioner your hairs at home?

In recent days, no one has a time to condition their hairs as it take a long time & no time to go salon also, so everyone uses a ready conditioner which will damage the hairs more after using the conditioner for long time. Today I am going to suggest you few good and natural effective conditioners which you can prepare at home by yourself that to consuming less time, ready to prepare your own conditioner….

1>     Soak a bowl full of almond overnight & put it in the mixer & make a fine paste in the morning.mix few drops of olive oil in it mix it well & apply on your hairs neatly & wash it after 45 min using mild shampoo.

2>     Apply heena every 15 days once as heena is one of the best conditioner for hairs.mix 3 spoon curds in heena paste while applying and wash it after 3 hours.

3>     Take a cup of milk fill milk in spray bottle & spray on your full hairs leave it for 10 min than you can wash your hairs with little shampoo & use raw egg as a natural conditioner & rinse out with cold water. This will replace a natural protein to your hairs; wipe your hairs with towel. Now apply a small amount  of moisturize on your hair & allow your hairs to air dry  may be for 30 to 60 min & now style your hair as usual & get a style as you need.


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