Top 10 Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

No one desires to walk around with oily sticky on their face, but controlling oily skin can be a real challenge. Most people have oily skin and because of oily skin they also have blemishes, pimples and other impurities on their skin. It is little hard to keep makeup on oily skin for long time as it starts getting sticky and skin starts leaving oil from the skin after some time. If you are one of them who faces this oily skin problem then don’t worry, here are few tips for applying makeup on oily skin.

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All women feel to have a fresh and glowing face. Not all of us are blessed with such skin and here where makeup plays a significant role. More than anyone else, women who suffer from acne prone and oily skin want to make their face more presentable. But, the maximum common fault they do is that they use and apply more makeup products than essentially needed. This in turn generates more difficulties for them to handle makeup. Try out few below makeup tips for oily skin and get perfect makeup look..

Top 10 Makeup Tips For Oily Skin:

Using the accurate makeup and makeup products for oily skin is mainly important if you are suffering from continuous skin breakouts. Over doing on the makeup can block the pores and make your skin much more exposed to blackheads, acne marks and whiteheads.

1. Always clean your face with a mild cleanser appropriate for oily skin type. Apply astringent lotion on face and wait for a few mins. Moisturizers are also important for oily skin and choose oil-free moisturizer to keep skin soft while getting rid of shine. 

2. Always apply foundation primers. As primer not only helps in well application of makeup by acting as a base but also acts as a protecting layer between the cosmetics and the skin preventing the makeup from blocking the pores. Choose for silicon based primers which will help the makeup to stay and not slid off after some time. It also ensures that your makeup lasts longer.

3. As far as foundations go always choose a matte foundation that provide full-coverage or its better to pick up powder based foundation. This fights off gloss and also doesn’t look heavy on the skin. While looking for a foundation, look for words like non comedogenic and mattifying. Also, keep in mind while picking a foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. As it will help to cover up the darkening caused by the discharge of oil on the face. Use slight quantity of foundation, as light coating of foundation on skin will last longer when compared to a thick coat of foundation.

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4. Always apply matte range pressed powder as it is absolutely designed for oily skin. You should lightly press the powder on face relatively than smoothing it over. Stifling the powder on the face can fade the foundation. Apply a powder that is one shade lighter than your skin tone.

5. Always avoid skin and makeup products that comprise alcohol as alcohol will reduce oil from the skin thus making the body to create more oil. This will make the skin oilier than before. Try to use water-based products which are the best to use as makeup for oily skin.

6. Use eye makeup primer on eye lids earlier to the eye shadows. Take an even head eye shadow brush and use a dotting motions to pack the eye shadows on efficiently. Escape creamy eye shadows shades as it may wrinkle on your eyes. 

7. It’s better to apply some little colored eye shadow on top of eyeliner to lock the color and prevent from any smudging.

8. Pick up a good staying power blush. Avoid apply cream or liquid blushes because they can increase the shiny presence of oily skin. A gel based cheek stain will work best for oily skin type.

9. You can use liquid lipsticks or shimmer on the lips. As you will be doing a matte look makeup better to use shine lipstick which give more attraction your look.

10. You can use oil-blotting papers or wet tissue to lift shine away throughout the day.

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