Top List of Hair Color Brands

Those days are gone were many of us used hair colors just for the resolve of grey coverage or white hairs. Now a day hair coloring can be done to cover grey hair or to change the look on the whole. A lively wide collection of hair colors like burgundy, brown, plum, red or crimson can improve the  look by a couple of light flashes of red, blue and green can make your look stand apart in a crowd.

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The growing demand of hair colors has caused access of several brands of hair colors in the market, which are attaining growing popularity. When you are trying to experiment hair colors on your hairs, make sure that you pick up the best of the hair colors as you do not want to take any kind of risk or cause any damage to your hair. Today I will be sharing the list of the best hair color brands.

Top List of Hair Color Brands:

1. Garnier Color Naturals Hair Color:

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Price: Rs. 162.

Garnier Color Naturals is a permanent colour cream. It’s enriched with olive oil so gives smooth and shiny hair after coloring. Your hair is deeply nourished; your colour is richer, more uniform and shinier. The second ratio of olive oil in the conditioner is a real treatment for your hair. Your hair is soft and your colour radiant … And there is no grey hair!

2. Streax Hair Color:

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Price : Rs. 125.

Get a lustrous shiny hair with Streax Hair Colour. Streax hair colour enriched with Walnut Oil not only colours your hair but also gives a nourishing treatment to your hair. Kera-Vit Conditioner conditions the hair from root to tip with a protein rich formula that nourishes and protects the hair strands. The gentle colouring formula lends perfect, rich, lasting shades to your locks. Streax is a complete hair colour because of the way it cares. It is one of the gentlest options to colour one’s hair.

3. Loreal Pairs Excellence Creme Color:

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Price: Rs. 575.

The hair color is Permanent hair enriched with Pro-Keratin which strengthens and revitalizes the hair as it colors it.  Leaves hair soft and silky. Gives you a younger look. Provides a rich, natural colour with 100% grey coverage from root to tip.

4. Godrej Expert Hair Color:

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Price: Rs. 30.

Godrej Expert Rich Crème is Godrej Expert’s Best Ever Hair Color. Completely ammonia-free, it contains an aloe & milk protein formula that makes hair soft and shiny. And it comes in 7 beautiful, long-lasting shades!

5. Godrej Renew Crème Hair Color:

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 Price: 139.

Renew cream hair color is a breakthrough formulation from Godrej, the leaders of hair color category. The Renew cream hair color is specially designed to give vivid colors on Indian hair so that it enhances your personality and you, Simply Shine!

The new Renew conditions your hair, not once but twice. Thus you get twice the shine and softness. New Renew cream hair color contains Aloe + Protein conditioners that protect and revitalize your hair while you color it. The special after color conditioner provides nourishment and moisture to your colored hair, giving it a healthy shine.

Renew transforms your hair and personality effortlessly. The rich, non-drip formulation is so easy to apply that it makes hair coloring a real pleasure. Renew spreads evenly on your hair to give a rich attractive color all over that lasts for a long time.

6. Wella Kolestint Hair Color:

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Price: 250.

Wella’s Kolestint hair color enters into the basic of every single strand and provides you with 100% grey coverage. An excellent array of creme gel colors formulated to be completely interminable to create any shade desired with expectable natural looking results. Wella Kolestint creates a long lasting deep color with its higher dye percentage than in hair colors which are meant for women with lighter colored hair.

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