Best Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger

Want you look younger then try out these below hairstyles which helps you to keep fresh and youthful ever. When it comes to look as youthful as possible, not only your skin but your beauty look also has more to do with it than you think “especially your hair”. If you want to take years, or even decades, off your look in the time then these hairstyles will help you out.


You could either use anti-ageing creams or wait 6 weeks to look remarkably younger. Or you could go to the salon right now and take those extra years off of your looks by some skin treatments. But Hairstyle also plays any important role to make you look young.

Check out these below Hairstyles and pick up the best one for you and look younger always.

Best Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger :

1. Romantic Waves Hairstyle:


Best suited for medium hairs that adds volume to face. Soft waves help to inverse the effect of the facial volume loss with age. Volume loss makes face shape to look more rectangular, with sharp angles that are more mannish than the classic female heart-shaped face look. This hairstyle is very easy to make, twist sections of hair of different sizes no need to be too perfect around a large-plate iron, or just twist 1 sections of your hair as you blow it dry. When you’re done with everything just pull a pieces of your hair forward around and side of your face.

2. Long Bob Hairstyle :


Long bob hairstyle adds more youthful edge. A marginally shaggy hair on shoulder influence creates a modern and youthful look. Unevenly part the hair in the middle and squeezes try to keep your hair loose and raised. Not only is this more gratifying, but it will make hair look thicker and bouncy too. Try to do slight side part or middle parting.

3. The Side Part Hairstyle :


Though a center part is reflected and help to make to look a wide face slimmer, the fact is it can look very severe and plain on a mature woman and appeal undesirable attention to defects. On the other hand trying a side part will add a more playful and shapes a surprising hairline around the face, element to your overall look.

4. Layers Hairstyle :


You can actually accent someone’s best facial features with layers,” says Philip Pelusi celebrated stylist. He also adds, depending on where the length of the layer falls, the pieces will point to the youthful qualities, like high cheekbones, a beautiful jawline or a nice eyebrow arch. A layer less long hair inclines to slog your face down creating an impression of flabbiness. Hence the best solution is to add some life to hair with layers. Short or shoulder layers add more youthful look then long layers.

5.  Ponytail Hairstyle :


Ponytail hairstyle is great for long hairs. Looks even greater and make you look younger when it is done with front puff and back ponytail.

When this hairstyle is styled well and perfectly will give you both look classy and girlish. This style brings concentration to what calls the triangle of youth. Just wrap a piece of hair around the tie for additional polish. A high ponytail recreates that triangle by drawing the eyes up and giving facial skin a gentle upward lift. The best way to tie high ponytail is to lightly tease the hair around the crown of your head for extra volume before collecting your hair about 1-2 inches above eye level at the back of your head, says Russo. Make sure to leave out a few pieces of hair to frame the face before tying it securely.

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  • manisha

    hi my hair is very very dry tel me which shampoo or home remedy will cure my dry hair problem.

    • Hello Manisha…. u cn use dove shampoo and use this remedy,Take 2 eggs and beat them properly together, then apply on scalp and hairs leave for 45 min then wash it using mild shampoo. Or you can also try this remedy take 1 egg and some plain yogurt and mix them and then gently massage into scalp and hair. Leave on for about 15-30 mins, and use cold water to rinse.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-

      Pragati Kiran

  • Ragu

    Hi mam, how to keep hair straight without doing straightening, any natural remedies.


    • Hello Ragu… u cn use this remedy, Add a teaspoon of honey to a cup of milk, them mash some strawberries and also mix it with the initial paste. Apply the creamy paste to your hair and leave it on for at least 2 hours. Wash it off with shampoo, and then detangle your strands with comb.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-

      Pragati kiran

  • kavya

    Hii mam please suggest facials according to skin which facial for nrmal skin,dry skin,oil skin,dark skin,fair skin and for glow…

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