Natural Face Wash for Men’s Skin

We all know that men’s skin is different from women’s skin. Men have a little thick skin and hair growth is faster. As a result the normal face pack or cream or face wash gives useless and ineffective outcomes. Then why men have to use the same products which are made for women’s skin? There are a number of skin care products for girls/women yet very few for men skin. As a result most men buy the same skin care cream, scrub, face wash, etc…. used by girls to get rid of their skin problems.


Normally Dust, pollution, sweat, oil, dirt, and germs daily gather on men’s skin and leads skin prone to many skin problems and sometimes skin diseases as well; this is why skin always needs a complete cleansing skin care routine the best way is to use a natural face wash. But, often many people incline to avoid regular cleansing or wash of their skin.

Natural Face Wash for Men’s Skin:-

1. Mix sea salt & honey and make a paste, then apply on skin. Gently massage for few min and leave it for 2-3 sec and wash off gently using cold water apply little moisturizer to avoid dryness of the skin. You can use this face wash as scrub on face this face wash helps to remove dead skin cell and blackheads.

2. This face wash is best for normal-dry skin. Take 1 large egg yolk, add 1 tsp. of organic honey. Make a smooth paste of 6-7 almonds by adding water and add to this pack. Mix all the ingredients well and apply it all over the face. Keep it for 5-10 mins. Then wet your fingers and gently massage for few sec and then rinse off with lukewarm water to expose smooth and moisturized face. You can make this paste in the morning and use throughout the day, this face wash can be kept for one day.

3. Make orange peel face wash by grinding dry orange peels. Add milk & cream to the powder and make paste. Apply it on your face and scrub gently. Leave for 5 to 10 min then wash your face using lukewarm water. Massage more near nose and chin areas to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads.


4. Add a pinch of sea salt on a lemon slice and very gently scrub this lemon all over the face. Scrub for 3 to 4 min and then leave for 4 to 5 min. Risen your face using lukewarm water then apply moisturizer to avoid dry and lose skin.

5. Make a paste of 20-25 mint leaves, 5-6 Almonds and mix 1 tbsp. of Aloe Vera gel in it. Use this face wash 2 times in a day on your face. It is best natural face wash for all types of skin. You can store in refrigerate unused portion for a week.

6. This is also very easy natural face wash.  Take 2 tsps. of curd and add 1 tsp. of organic honey to it. Mix both the ingredients well and apply it all over the face. Then leave for about 2-3 mins and wash off using cold water. You can also add 1 tsp. of olive oil, if you have very dry skin.

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