Last Minute Make up Tricks That Actually Work

When you are ready daily to head to office or to go out those last 5- 10 min are very important. Those rare days you reach office early, you have a meeting in 10 min and you are all set! Or you have to attend any function or parties and you are all set with your saree and jewellery is all in place! Got some few last mins to take a last glance in the mirror? Well if you have a few more mins to get ready, below are the few make up touch up’s that you should do to get as close to flawless!


Here are the few last min makeup tricks you should know :

1. Last Min Wipe up:

Always do this easy last min step with foundation. Just take a face tissue or wet tissue and very gently rub or pat the tissue in slight wiping motion downwards. Its helps to remove the excess foundation, powder and oil gets off and the facial hairs will also get pressed downwards and never apply makeup products in upwards directions anyhow for the same reason.

2. Raise the Eye Brows:

Makeups without doing the brows are incomplete. Neat and prefect eye brows add beauty to eyes. Eye brows should be done in a correct way it should look too dramatic! Quickly use the latter half of the shape the brows and get an arch shape on the brow, don’t fill the complete brow with the eye brow stencil. Then gently start smudging your brow pencil and done!


3. Get Dewy Glow Quickly :

All you need is face lotion and your fingers to get Dewy Glow,  just pour a small amount of lotion on your fingertips and greasy it gently upwards from your cheekbones towards the outer edge of your eye area after you’re completely done with makeup.  Works well which gives slightly more shine than regular moisturizer. This quick touch will make your skin to look moisturized and dewy-fresh, and even strange women in your office stop and look at you, and complement you with “You know, you really have beautiful skin.”

4. Give a Look at Eyelashes :

If you have few more mins to get ready, put another coat of mascara on eyelashes, or if you are not wearing any mascara. Quickly curl your eye lashes once more for 30 secs, don’t forget-your eyes do the talking and get more attraction! I would suggest wearing mascara would be more beautiful to get attractive eyes.

5. Volumized and Sweet Smelling Hair

This is a quick fix step for all birthday parties, function. Just before leaving home spray hair spray 3 spritz on the hair brush or perfume generally and go over the hair 1 last time. Here you get fresh smelling hair all along and which stays for at least 2-3 hours!

Add volume to your hairs is most important just quickly straighten the hair bangs or just gently tease the crown hair for life and the best one is to just gently offhand the hair upside down smooth. And spray some hair hold spray and a mix of perfume and toss your hair up slightly and spray in different areas for the one last time and your hairs are all set!

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