Best All Time Deodorant Brands for Men

Using Deodorants and perfumes have become essential of everyone especially for men and must have in their grooming kit. Both the men and women cannot live without using different brands of perfumes and deodorants; mainly the deodorants are helpful in making one to feel refreshed and attractive.


Sweating is fine only when you’re working out. Every other time it just smells really bad, especially if that concludes into body odour. Honestly not every man who sweats a lot will smell bad. But for those who do, walking around with a sweat-soaked shirt or T-shirt needs to use the best and long lasting deodorants. Moreover, as the summer months cover their way, it makes sense for you to change up your grooming routine with these best deodorant brands.

A lot of fragrances are available in the market but here is the list of best smelling all time deodorants for men.

1. Nautica Vogaye N-83:

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Chart your course. Set your sails. This one’s between you and the ocean. Keep the wind at your back and your back to the shore. Embark. Voyage. Go. This fragrance is anchored by a rich fusion of dewy moss and refined woody amber. It’s aquatic and musky tones make for a heady combination for days when vacay is on your mind! By using this deodorant bring the beach to you with this wonderful all-year around scent.

2. Park Avenue Signature Voyage Fragrant:


Are you looking for a perfume that will keep you fresh all day long and fight against body sweat? Well, Park Avenue Voyage Fragrant Deodorant, exclusively for men, helps you to control almost all body odours and sweat related issues. Add some oomph to your day with just a few sprays.

Park Avenue, an acclaimed brand brings Voyage to you from their classic collection of deodorant sprays which are alcohol free and safe for your skin. The fragrance is lovely and appealing. Gently spray the deo on your body after a bath. The musky essence will cling to your shirt for a long time, sometimes even after a wash. It is a perfect blend of cool and fresh, subtle aromatic fragrance that lets you recharge your mind, body and soul from within. The captivating aroma of the spray allows you to stay fresh and sweat-free, keeping body odour at bay.

Well, if you’re still deciding what to gift the men in your life on their birthdays, why not make them feel special with a can of this deodorant? Your brother, father, husband or that someone special will surely appreciate it.

This perfume comes in a classic grey can. If you’re a man who spends all day travelling, you can easily slip it in your briefcase. Fashion and style is all good, but incomplete if you don’t smell good, so get your can of Voyage today! For your battle against body sweat, make this one your comrade. Its musky essence works as well for a dinner date as it does for a night out with your buddies.

3. Dove Men + Care Antiperspirant Deodorant:


This amazing men’s antiperspirant deodorant comes in a variety of different fragrances. So you always have the opportunity to choose the fragrance as your desire. This is an antiperspirant and less of a deodorant. If your problem is that you sweat plentifully and develop a strong BO from your depths, this one is your protector.  Sure it promises to last 48 hours but it definitely lasts more than 24 hours, plus it is non-irritant, takes good care of your underarms and is completely stain-proof. Its sweet and effective odour will keep you fresh.

4. Axe Body Spray Twin Pack, Essence:

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Axe Body Spray is a strong yet wonderful men’s deodorant. AXE Essence Body spray captures your spirit with a modern fragrance that features crisp, fruity, and spicy notes. AXE body sprays provide deodorant protection that will keep you smelling great day and night. For a complete personal care regimen, try the full line of AXE Essence products. AXE Essence Body spray Part good, part bad–that is the essence of every man. AXE Essence is a fragrance that captures both sides of you with its deep woodsy aroma and hint of spice. It never lets you have allergic or itching problems even when you apply the product onto your skin thrice a day. AXE Essence is available in a full line that includes body spray, deodorant stick, antiperspirant invisible solid, shampoo and conditioner, and shower gel.

5. Nike Original Men:


A fragrant freshness is a great way to start your day and reach out for the skies. The Original Deo Spray is a classic fragrance from Nike designed for the sophisticated, urban male and presents an elegant daily wear to work. Rich and intense, this assortment of interesting aromas fills your senses with a pleasantness that makes you feel alive all through the day. The energising Nike Original Mass Premium deo spray a raw, masculine sensuality that teases and seduces with its intense appeal and creates an aura of passionate soulfulness. With a curious mix of warm and dense accords, a spray of this Nike deodorant is vivid with a virile charm and elegance that benefits the man of substance. The Nike Originally surrounds your day with a soothing coolness and provides long-lasting freshness and protection against problems like body odour and sweat all round the clock. Perfect for days when you want to go out and conquer the world, so pretty much every day.

6. Wild Stone Aqua Fresh:

Capt 7

Wild Stone is a male grooming brand with presence across multiple categories. The fragrances for Wild Stone are unique and sophisticated keeping in mind the sensibilities of emerging youth and are especially developed by renowned perfumeries in France.

With a mix of citrusy, ambery, spicy, woody, floral and musky notes, Wild Stone Aqua Fresh is a perfect start to your day. It is an exclusive fragrance for the man who lives his life on edge. It’s long lasting fragrance provides you all day long aqua freshness. The scent is potent and highly invigorating, and will keep you energised and refreshed all day long. It makes for a great office scent too.

Revel in the intoxicating aroma of Wild Stone’s deodorant that ripples through your senses. Unique and sophisticated, this deodorant reveals your charm and gives you a charismatic appeal. Wild Stone Aqua Fresh deodorant spray protects the urbane men all day and also invigorates them and keeps them going.

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