Top 10 Lipstick Brands In India

Lipsticks colors enhance the beauty of our lips and it makes one’s personality to look attractive. Beautiful and glossy lipstick colors always attract men as well as women as they both are conscious about their lips.  There are various brands which are available in cosmetics shops in India. It is very important cosmetic that completes the makeup look and without lipstick makeup cannot become prefect.


We always say that our very first cosmetic product was the much loved lipstick. For every girl and women lipsticks have always been a top priority. Whenever we think or talk about makeup the word comes from our mouth is which brand lipstick do you use. We all love our lipsticks so much that the shade is what defines our daily mood. On our happy days we pick pinks and reds. On the days when we overhang around in formals, we pick the browns and peaches. For most of us, a jab of lipstick and a little eyeliner completes the key part of our makeup routine.

Since it holds so much importance in our lives and play great role in our makeup, so read on and get to know which top brands lipsticks in India are. I have listed some of the best brands lipstick which can be used to get the stunning makeup look all time. These brands mentioned here are easily available online and offline.

Top 10 Lipstick Brands In India :

1. Chambor :

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One of the popular lipstick brands in India is Chambor,   which brings a wide range, in both matte and moisturizing bases. The lipstick has qualities such as hydration, sun protection and anti-ageing effect. Chambor  lipsticks are long lasting  lipstick. This product is known to plump up the lips while creating softer and fuller lines. Best thing about this product– it is not animal tested!

2. Maybelline :


Maybelline New York’s new Superstay 14-hour lipstick actually stands up to the outlooks. The brand offers the range with bright colors which are ultra-lightweight with deep pigments. And, it is available in almost 16 shades. This is brand if you are looking for bright color and long lasting lipstick.

3. Revlon :

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Revlon’s Colourstay range is offered in 20 shades. It is soft in texture and gives a polished effect. As the name suggests, it stays for a very long time and because of Shea butter, you can easily wipe it off later on. This is another popular lipstick brand is Revlon, which satisfies to those women who are willing to spend a little more. The products boast of top quality, which is the reason why women rarely pay attention to the price factor in this case.

4. NYX :


NYX Presents striking matte finish, highly pigmented and long-lasting matte Lipsticks and Lip Liners which glide on smooth and perfectly and are available in wide range of vibrant shades and colors. Swipe on your favorite creamy color and lasting soft matte NYX Lipsticks, Lip pencils, Lip glosses ranging in full, medium or sheer coverage and pick your personal favorite from varied super matte, glossy or creamy finish range in bold and neutral colors suitable for all skin types.

5. Mac :


MAC is a world winner for lipsticks as it launches collection very season. A super range of lipsticks with the widest range of color and finishes. MAC is an excessive excellent for those looking for variety in colors and textures, without any worry about price as these are priced above average. MAC lipsticks are available in warm and cool attitudes and you can pick the one which suits your skin tone.

6. Lakme :

Capt 7

Lakme is the most popular and trusted brand in India. It brings the wide collection of lipsticks. Bought to you from the Lakme Classics range, India?s leading lipstick range – The Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Color keeps your lips satin soft, vibrant and lasts long. With 26 new shades added to the existing and exciting trendy range of colors, it now makes a total of 70 brilliant shades to suit all skin tones. One of Lakme?s most popular and mainstay classic lipstick range, Lakme Enrich Satin lipsticks are back in a whole new avatar. Designed to match every Indian skin tone our Lakme Enrich Satin Lipsticks continue to keep your lips moisturized & satin soft, with vibrant & long-lasting Color. One coat and you are set to go! So pick Lakme Enrich Satins lip color in your favorite shade.

7. Loreal Paris:

Cap 8

L’Oreal Paris is a French company and a global leader in beauty trends. It has been the official make-up artist for the Cannes Film Festival for 10 years. The international brand Loreal is the next to feature on the list of top 10 lipstick brands in India. The brand does not have much to offer when it comes to product varieties, but the outstanding product quality is the reason of its popularity. Loreal takes care to showcase the shades which suit the Indian skin tone to the best.

8. Colorbar :

Capture 9

This brand allows you to pick a range which suits your skin tone. It is also light on the pocket. Colorbar is the perfect brand for the students on budget and for daily use. Since it is inexpensive, the brand is perfect for research of colors. The greatest fact about Colorbar is that they always come up with new ideas and improvements. If you are a fan of matte lipsticks, then Colorbar is the perfect choice for you. The idea of lip pots is loved the most!

9. Faces :

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Faces Ultimate Pro Long Wear Lipstick range is a matte, non-transferable range. The product stays on for hours without melting or drying. Even the packaging is classy, something that you would love to show off. Matte finish for the uber chic! Faces Ultime Pro Longwear Matte Lipstick is a waterproof color burst that lasts for more than 8 hours. Enriched with Vitamin E and anti-aging oxidants, this creamy texture gives smooth high coverage. Available in a range of swanky shades. Matte, waterproof, longstay, enriching, high coverage – what more can one ask for?

10.  Chanel :

Capture 11

This international brand is a top end product, which outclasses in quality but is suitable only for those who are willing to spend a lot of money . Chanel smells superb and has moisturizing action, but its price is usually a discouraging factor for women. It is one of the most expensive lipsticks.

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