Essential Makeup Brushes Every Girl Must Have In Your Kit

When we say makeup every girl gets crazy and of course all girls have the rights to go crazy about makeup. And we girls just love makeup and there is no doubt that we all own a makeup kit which is full of lip sticks shades, eye liners, eye pencils, compacts, foundations, contour palette etc.. and many more. We all do have many makeup brushes as well, but many of girls don’t have idea how to use makeup brushes and which are the Essential Makeup Brushes they should have in their makeup kit.



Does thinking about makeup brushes have your head whirling all sorts of loops? Don’t worry; today I have got the best ways these brush is used for and for what purpose. Makeup brushes are necessary to your collection and the correct ones can greatly improve your makeup application, but which ones do you NEED? Read on to check out what I think are the brushes every girl should own.

Are you asking yourself questions like, How many brushes should I buy? Which brushes are the most important for makeup? What is this brush used for? If you are also one of those, then today I’m here to answer all your basic brush questions! You’re starting your career as a makeup artist or just need brushes to apply your own makeup, there are a handful of particular brushes that will let you to accomplish just about any look you’re want.

Essential Makeup Brushes Every Girl Must Have In Your Kit:


(For Face)

Cap 2

The foundation stippling brush is used for pressing foundation into the skin. And it is perfect for those of you who love a full coverage look to your foundation. The large flat pate is specially made for the foundation to be dabbed onto the face. This procedure comforts there are no lines in the foundation, resulting in a flawless and spotless look to the skin. The bristles should be stiff to avoid streaking and to allow for an airbrushed finish.


(For Face)


Precisely, this isn’t really a brush, but it is a great tool and I didn’t want to miss it out. The egg-shaped design makes it ideal for getting under the eye and in all over other small areas and corners of your face you can simply miss with a brush. This is also used to achieve an overall airbrush finish to your foundation. I normally use this blender to blend the all makeup product like highlighter and foundation etc…..I think this is must have in a makeup kit this can be used in many ways.


(For Eyes)


This brush is designed especially for applying gel eyeliner. The angle of the brush helps to create a fool proof line that will have even the beginners drawing off a stunning cat eye.

Its short, firm bristles allow wonderful control with cream or gel liner. Hold this brush at an angle (not straight) and then apply liner with quick strokes. The trick to finding a good eyeliner brush is looking for a small, angled brush that’s easy to hold. If you’re fashioning an Adele-worthy cat eye, you want super sharp lines but also a brush multipurpose sufficient to work with wet and dry eyeliners.


(For Face)

Cap 5

The powder brush is a makeup bag’s essential. It helps you set your face with powder once you’ve applied foundation and swishes away extra makeup without messing with your carefully created beauty look. A good buy is a large, dense, and fluffy brush with a narrowing head. You might think this one is too pretty to get dirty, but don’t be afraid to put it to work. The furry bristles give a super smooth application and a soft, airbrushed look and also perfect for bronzer.


(For Face)


A fluffy contouring brush is your best bet for highlighting and sharpening your face features. You’re working with wet or dry products; choose for an angled brush to shape your cheekbones with a soft-focus finish. With this particular angled contour brush, you can swipe the brush downward diagonally from your cheekbone, and in one fluid motion achieve a flawless application. It can also enhance the brow bone and narrow the face.

There are many of these in the market today in a various collection of shapes and sizes. A contour brush is used for applying darker powder under the cheekbones to create a chiseled effect.


(For Eyes)

Capt 7

A blending brush is a must-have for sifting eye-shadow along the rumple of your lids since the flexible bristles make it easy to blend colors and soften lines.

A brush with a slim tip, will give you more control over particular areas of your eyes. One that looks too rounded can over-stress your makeup, giving you the black-eye effect.

This brush is perfect for correctness shading on the lid, in the crease of the eye, or along the lash line. This brush can also be used for smudging liner along the lash line, or darkening the outer-v for a dramatic look. It’s used for smudging eye shadow along the lower lash line, smoking out eyeliner, and fashioning a clear crease.

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