Easy Makeup Tips and Guide for Acne Prone Skin

If you have facial acne then it doesn’t mean that you can’t use makeup. You just need to know some clever tracks and techniques! Getting rid of acne takes time, keenness and resolution, as there is no miracle that helps to cure and allow you to regain clear skin overnight. While we are fighting war with pimples, acne and lumps, we still want to look and feel good about ourselves.



While acne and blemishes aren’t any body’s best friend, that never seems to stop them from showing up undesirable. Luckily, there is one best way to cover up acne and marks instantly is makeup which help us to cover up inadequacies – but, one thing should be kept in mind when dealing with acne-prone skin, you have to be careful that the makeup you are using doesn’t make matters poorer. If you’re prone to pimples, chances are your skin is sensitive or oily and the oils in products can clog your pores, just as certain ingredients can more upset your skin. By paying a little more care and modification your beauty habits just a little, you can not only use makeup to help cover up the blemishes, but certain to help treat them as well.

Looking great though clearing up your acne isn’t as hard as you think. Makeup if applied properly and in naturally balancing shades, will make you look graceful and polished, not “covered”. The common mistake a lot of women make to cover up the acne and marks is applying too much makeup. When it comes to covering marks and breakouts, less is definitely “more”.

Easy Makeup Tips and Guide for Acne Prone Skin:


  • Use light strokes when applying makeup. Pressing on the skin too much or stretching the skin can irritate it and cause more breakouts.
  • Always use clean makeup brushes or sponges to apply the products and blend everything really well and neat. Unclean hands and brushes can port excess oils and bacteria. Always remember do not touch your face with unclean hands.
  • If your acne prone skin inclines to get oilier after a few hours, then use oil ruining papers to keep your face shine free and control oiliness.

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1. Always start with a gentle cleanser meant for acne prone skin. Do not go for harsh scrubs which will make your acne worse. You can use a toner which is non-alcoholic.

2. And then apply moisturizing lotion do not skip moisturizer no matter the age or skin type. Use a natural, lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizer which is specially meant for acne prone skin. So your foundation holds to your skin better and looks fresh, smooth and touchable. Apply 5-10 mins before applying foundation.

3. Now apply an oil-free primer before applying your makeup. This step is important as it will help your skin to absorb the excess oils on your face and create a smooth base for you to work with. Your skin will feel soft and look smooth and your makeup will slide evenly over any bumps you may have.

4. Always pick acne fighting foundation. There are actually many foundations available in the market that claim to be good and can be used for an acne prone skin. You can use of these foundations which have ingredients such as salicylic acid in them as they will not only cover your problem skin area, but will also work to get rid of them in the long time.

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5. Once you are done with foundation next step is to apply concealer. Sometimes only foundation doesn’t do the trick and we need a little more help with coverage. Just dab a creamy concealer for all those irritating marks and dark circles.

6. Apply a lightweight setting powder to set everything. Do it light handed. Do not apply too much pressure. We don’t want anything we’ve tried so hard to cover peeping out during the day!

7. Use matte finish bronzer. When you’re stressed with your skin, shimmery products can highlight the skin’s imperfections. Pick up the matte bronzer and lightly dust some over your cheek bones and temples to give your skin healthy and natural glow.


8. You can use natural blush if you wish to apply or else natural is your best bet. A lot of people are scared to apply blush when dealing with acne because they think it’ll bring out the redness in their skin. A blush that adds a natural flushes to the cheeks and won’t highlight the bumps around your cheek area. Use a blush brush and sweep it over the apples of your cheeks. Blend it really well.

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