Benefits of MUSTARD OIL on skin, body & hair


Today I am going to talk all about the benefits of mustard oil. Mustard oil contains anti-bacterial and anti-fugal properties, and is also abundant in the following. Vitamin and protein supplements, vitamin B complex, vitamin A, and vitamin E, supported by lesser amounts of foliate, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium.

In Indian history, the use of mustard oil is the art and science of Ayurveda healing, dates back to the early centuries. Now let’s talk about the usage of mustard oil as our parents, grandparents are very well aware of its cures and benefits. Even Ayurveda describes mustard with its power of medicinal properties. Mustard is yellow in color and its oil is also dark yellow in color and slightly pungent. As Mustard oil is considered hot in nature so it’s better to consumed in small quantities, there are numbers of uses of this oil for hairs, skin and as well as body diseases.

This oil also contains good percentage of OmegAlpha3 and OmegAlpha6 fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamin-E which have their own benefits. As everyone knows that Mustard oil used for cooking purpose from centuries. Now I will tell you the uses of mustard oil on SKIN, BODY AND HAIR. It’s always better to use the mustard oil which is used for cooking purpose which is easily available in general stores


Let me tell you first and main thing first make sure you are not allergic to mustard oil, its better to do a patch testing on your skin before using this oil. If you get any boils or irritation then wipe from cotton cloth dipped in cold water then just stop using the oil. Mustard oil should not be used directly on skin as skin is sensitive and oil is hot in nature. As it removes also the dirt from skin.

Roast a handful of mustard seeds in a liter of coconut oil let it get cool down and strain this mixture. And start applying on the face to lighten skin color and get rid of pimples.

If you want to make your facial skin smooth, prefer to apply mustard oil mixed with coconut oil on your face, slightly massage the area in circles, wait for 5 – 6 minutes and then gently wipe your face with a smooth and wet cotton cloth, and do not rub hardly… Do not get exposed to sun.

Mix mustard oil with besan (Bengal gram flour), curd and few drops of lemon juice. Apply this face mask on the face and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with cold water. Do this twice or thrice a week to remove tan, dark spots and get a glowing skin naturally

You can apply mustard oil twice a week, but for best result you can use thrice times a week. It’s better to use in night before going to bed which makes you feel fresh.

Mustard Oil Body Massage Benefits


As I discussed above the benefits of mustard oil, and its uses on skin now I would like to tell you all, how it is good for body. In India many people have the habit of massaging their body with this oil which makes the body feel relaxed and of the best benefits of this oil is that it works as a kind of cleanser on skin as well as the skin of the body.


No need to mix the mustard oil with any other ingredient or with any other oils as you are using to massage body. Just warm mustard oil if you are suffering from any pains, joint pains or cold. Gently massage on the body, neck and feet as it relieves and makes you relax. And it makes skin clean and glowing naturally.

You can repeat this thrice a week or at least weekly once as it makes your body to feel relaxed and makes you to feel fresh.



So now everyone knows that the benefits of mustard oil on skin and body now let me tell how it is beneficial for hairs. I would like to say that it is a one of the best oil for hairs which makes hairs grow, helps in preventing grey hairs, and makes hairs thicker, healthier,darker,most of you don’t know that mustard oil is used for hairs daily routine in many parts of India till date. This is the best traditional method to get strong hairs.

The best and easiest way of using mustard oil on hairs is to warm a equal quantity of mustard oil, olive oil and almond oil then make a four – five parts of your hairs and start applying this mixture of oil from scalp till the end of your hairs apply little more oil and start massaging gently on your scalp and hairs, massage for at least 15 to 20 min then use shower cap to cover your head so oil won’t fall on your face leave for 2 to 3 hours then wash your hairs using mild shampoo. This will really helps to get storng,thick, and long hairs. You can use this oil whenever you oil your hairs.

It is also believed that mustard oil also prevents the hair from greying. Massage your head with warm mustard oil after a hectic and stressful day. You will feel mentally relaxed and all the stress will go away within minutes. If you do not like the pungent strong smell of mustard oil, mix it will almond or coconut oil to enjoy its benefits.


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  • hello It’s a good post.

  • Twitter27

    Hi, just wanted to say i liked this article.

  • riya

    An excellent post thanks for the information and excellent examine.

  • We are thankful for your blog because it’s really help to us know about the mustard oil benefits on skin, hair and body. Before read your blog I knew that mustard oil use only in cooking thanks to you give information like this.

  • Asmina

    Hello yr tip for mustard seeds really work but I want to ask u can I use this for my children whose age are 6 yrs and 2 yrs for getting good hair growth

    • Hello Asmina… Hope your doing great :) Yes u can use it for children but for better results mix castrol oil, olive oil and mustard oil in equal quantity and then apply is…… but use it once in 15 days as mustard oil is very heat to body.

      Take care

  • neha


    I want to know that if one has very less hairs on the front of head and it is because of hereditary so can application of mustard oil help in growing new hair?


  • sari

    hi.. i want to know that ‘is it good for oily skin and how can i use this mustard oil to get glowing skin?’ please can u help me .. :(

    • Hi….. As u have oily skin its better u use olive oil instead of mustard oil, and u can use olive oil weekly twice not daily. And u can use gram flour face mask, just mix 1 tsp of gram flour, 5 drops of lemon juice, 1 tsp of honey and 2 tsp of curds. And make fine paste then apply on ur face leave for 15 min, use this mask weekly thrice.


  • Himanshu

    Hi, i am Himanshu here 28yrs old concerned about my hair loss as from past 6 years am having this problem. Earlier i took it lightly thinking may be due to helmet or work atmosphere but now i really want to heal this problem. Moreover in my family no one has this problem. Kindly suggest me a cure related oil or the precautions please.

    • Hello…. U cn mix vitamin e, olive, mustard and almond oil warm it then apply on scalp and on hair leave it over night then wash in the morning, if possible u cn apply daily night or at least thrice in a week. and before wearing helmet u cn put cotton cloth on ur head and then wear helmet.


  • Shifa Malik

    Hi! i am worried about my falling hair and acne. My hair were gorgeous but now they have became dry and thin, although, my scalp is oily. plz, tell me what to do to get my beautiful hair back.

    • Hi Shifa…. I think u are not taking enough care of ur hairs. First u start using oil every day. U cn use olive, vitamin-e, almond, mustard and coconut oil also these oils really helps a lots if possible mix all the oils and warm it apply from scalp to tip of the hairs. u cn apply daily night and wash in the morning if u don’t have cold problem :( or else u cn apply weekly thrice.

      Take care

  • jayanti

    hi iwanted to know that does mustard oil have expiry date i mean old one can be used for hair and skin?

  • Kartik Maniyar

    Hi, Pragati

    I am 25 years old and I wanted to prevent my white hairs can you please give me solution for that?.

    Kartik Maniyar

    • Hi Kartik….. u can use Heena mixed in iron blow. Just take heena, add half lemon juice, add tea boiled water only water and add 2 tbsp of curds mix it in iron with water until it become smooth thick paste, cover and keep it over night. Then in morning just mix it well apply on ur hairs leave it for 2-3 hours then wash using mild shampoo. Apply almond and vitamin e oil weekly thrice.


  • Tharani rosy

    I have hairs on upper lip and chin. By mixing mustard oil with gram flour and wheat flour will it vanish my facial hair??

    • Hello Tharani….. If u want to remove ur facial hair, upper lip or chin hair u hv to go for waxing or threading. Facial hair won’t vanish by any kind of remedies. I would suggest that if hairs are thick then go for waxing if hairs are light then better go for threading.

      Take care

  • maria

    It was really an amazing post. I have a question. I have been using mustard oil daily for scalp but I noticed that I started having pimples on my scalp and forehead. Please explain what can be the main reason behind this.

    • Hi Maria….. The main reason is that mustard oil is very heat in nature. u cn use mustard oil but u should not use daily and directly on scalp and hair. It should be used by mixing other oils also, then that oil will become lighter. U cn mix mustard, vitamin e, olive or almond or both and coconut oil, warm it and apply it on ur scalp and hairs leave for 3 – 4 hrs or u cn keep it over night then wash it using mild shampoo. u cn apply these oils every other day or weekly thrice.

      Take care

  • Krys

    Hey Pragati,
    I’ve been natural for about 2 years now. My hair is a little past my shoulders when straighten but at my nape when it is wet. I have serve shrinkage. Can i mix mustard oil with castor, almond oil, and Moroccan argon oil? I really want my hair to be super thick and longer. Thank you in advance

    • Hi Krys…. let me clear u first ur hairs can become thick and longer if before u hd a thick and long hairs and if they hv become thin due to hair fall or due to lack of care. But from first only u hv thin hairs then it may take little more to make them healthy.But they will not become super thick.But u can maintain them by using these oils. And for long hairs u cn use vitamin e,almond, olive, coconut and olive oil, mix and warm it then apply on ur scalp and hairs u cn leave it overnight or u cn wash it after 5 hrs it depends on u and its better u apply these oil weekly 4 time or at least weekly thrice.

      Take care

  • anjana

    Is really musturd oil blacken the white hair? what will happen if i use amla powder with musturd oil for blacken my hair…

  • Vigneswary

    I had thick hair before..but after childbirth my hair has become thin…I want to try mustard oil for my hair …I want to know if the mustard oil for hair is the same used for cooking…or is it suggest any good brand.

    • Hello Vigneswary…. U cn use the mustard oil which is used for cooking but don’t use it daily. if u want to use it daily mix it with other oils like vitamin e , coconut, olive and almond mix all these oils warm it and then apply it from scalp to tips of the hairs. Massage for 20 min then u cn keep it over night or for 4 hrs then wash it.

      Take care

  • parul jain

    hello pragati ma’m
    am 19 of my age nw. i have started growing my hairs since 4 yrs, till then i used to have boycut. nw my hairs have grown till shoulders. the problem is that my hairs do not gain length below the shoulders. i apply mustard oil twice a week. bt still no good response. can u pls suggest me abt this.

    • Hi Parul….Hair will grow fast depending on hair growth, some will be having fast growth and some slow growth. U hv to cut ur hairs 2 months once about a inch. And u cn use these oils which will help u to getting fast growth. mix mustard, vitamin e, olive, coconut and almond in equal quantity warm it and then apply it on ur scalp till the tip of ur hairs. U cn keep it over night or for 4 hrs then wash it using very mild shampoo. u cn apply these oils weekly 3 or 4 times. I would like to suggest u one more thing u cn apply heena, mix it in night then apply it in the morning leave for 4 hrs then wash it u cn apply heena 15 days once. U cn mix heena using these ingredients, Heena, tea boiled water, 2 tsp of coffee powder, curds and egg (while applying the heena) and water until it become smooth paste.

      Take care

  • Does body massage with mustard oil help in weight loss? Does mustard oil massage reduce hyperpigmentation underarms ?

  • Vasu

    Hi ……..I used to have thick and dense beautiful hair… but due to illness and living in hostel I have lost volume and my hair are becoming thin. Is it possible to get back lost hair?

    • Hi vasu….. yes u can get back ur thick hairs by applying these oils mix mustard, vitamin e, coconut, almond and olive oil warm it n apply on ur scalp n hair gently massage for 15-20 min then leave for 3-4 hrs then wash it. U can keep oil over night also apply these oils weekly 3-4 times n try to apply heena also mix heena, curds,lemon juice and t boiled water then add water until it get mixed properly n becomes thick paste keep it over night then apply it in morning u can add little water to it to make smooth paste then apply it leave for 2-3 hrs then wash it repeat this every 15 days.


  • priya

    Hi Pragati
    Thanks for the post

    My hair are thick , frizzy and have good volume but lately I am suffering excessive hair fall. It is probably because of hair straightening therapy that I took.

    PLEASE SUGGEST SOME REMEDY. And is it safe to mix different oils and then apply?

    • Hi priya……… its best homemade remedy for hairs to mix oils n apply it on scalp n hairs. U can use egg,honey n olive oil mask for hairs. Mix whole egg, add 2 tsp of honey n 2 tsp of olive oil then apply on scalp n hairs leave for 30-45 min then wash it using mild shampoo. Apply this mask 15 days once.

      Take care

  • priya

    thanks for the reply.

    How about mixing mustard oil castor oil and methi seeds (fenugreek) and applying on hair? Does it work?

  • Grazia

    Hi pragati
    Thanks for post

    I had thick hair but since I dye my hair with heena it became very dry and start braking, it break so badly I almost have no hair left.
    So now I made a mixture of coconut oil,mustard oil and almond oil and apply to my hair but I do not wash it of,I leave it in as hair cream, is it bad for my hair?
    And I also add mustard oil to my body and face cream,can u please tell me if it ok or not.

    • Hello Grazia….. Once u apply oil u can keep it over night or 4-5 hrs then u should wash it off or else ur hairs will damage more badly. so i would suggest u to use olive oil also with these oils then massage it for 15 to 20 min then leave for 4-5 hrs then wash it or keep it over night then wash it. Don’t apply oil and go out because ur hairs will get more damaged. And u can use mustard oil on skin also, but don’t apply daily use weekly thrice on skin.

      Take care

  • hi pragati kiran…..
    my hair was very thick and dark up to 18th……
    but last 7 yrs i have been loosing my hair,every day huge amount my hairs fall,i tried lost of way but not stop it….and also dandruff problem…
    pls tell me what type of oil use and i don’t understand vitamin e,which oil exist vitamin e,pls tell that oil name then which shampoo shell i use,i can even select better shampoo(brand name).finally say how to use these………
    thank you…….

    • Hi Ananth….. U cn ask in medical shop for vitamin e oil u will get it, And u can mix vitamin e oil,almond,mustard, olive and coconut oil mix them warm it and apply on scalp and hairs leave for 4-5 hrs or keep it over night then wash it. U cn use L’Oreal pairs shampoo, rub lemon on scalp for dandruff. Use lemon every 15 days once, oil u cn use weekly twice.


  • hey plz any one can help me i am still to much young but still i am facing hair fall when i take shower idont knw i am facing and suffering from this for 3 months plz guide me help mee i am really in proble plz

    • Hello Jamshaid…….. U cn try these remedies to reduce hair fall, In white of an egg, add 1 teaspoon of olive oil and honey and mix it well to form a smooth paste. Apply all over the hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water and shampoo it off. And This is another widely used hair fall treatment as fenugreek accelerates hair growth and protects the natural color of your hair. Take 1 teaspoon of the fenugreek paste and add 2 teaspoons of coconut milk. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo.


  • thx alots if this remedy really work then i will be very thnxfull to u whole my life thnx alots…………..c☻☺

  • shivalika

    i have a few white hair…i wanna get rid of them. will using mustard oil help??

    • Hello Shivalika…. U cn use heena for white hairs, the one which u hv will not go but u cn maintain that they should not increase. So use heena 15 days once and use mustard, vitamin e, coconut and olive oil mix all together warm it then apply on scalp and hairs then wash it after 4 hrs or u cn keep it over night also. Use these oils weekly twice.


  • i am having patches on my head and my age is 15yrs mustard oil can grow new hairs

    • Hello John… .u cn apply mustard oil and u cn use garlic on Patches, it will help to grow the hair on patches. just rub garlic 2 days once on patches for 5 min then shampoo ur scalp and hairs. it may burn little but no worries ur hairs will come back.


  • sindhuri

    hi Pragati Kiran,
    i am facing acne holes problem. can u tell me? what i have to apply for my face plzzzzz ….

    • Hi Sindhuri….. I think u got these acne holes due to breaking of pimples. U cn use olive oil, Massage a pea sized amount of olive oil onto your face, it helps to reduce acne scars. And u cn also use Aloe Vera is best for curing scars. Aloe Vera plant has the ability to heal scars and wounds. By using the juice of aloe Vera on a regular basis, you can erase the sign of acne scars.


  • Raiysa

    Hi Pragati Kiran,
    I have two small patches from hair extentions that were too tight. I also want my hair to grow longer and healthier. Should I use mustard oil? And if so may I leave it on or do I have to wash it off? Thank you!

    • Hello Raiysa… U cn use egg mask if u want to grow ur hairs, mix egg, honey, few drops of lemon juice and curds then apply on scalp and hairs leave for 45 min then wash it using mild shampoo. U cn mix mustard, olive, vitamin e and Almond oil, massage ur scalp and hairs regularly using these oils, massage for 20 min then leave for 3 hrs then wash it or u cn keep it overnight and wash in the morning also. Apply these oils weekly once at least to grow ur hair and keep them healthy.


  • Ali

    hi all,

    My name is Talat Ali.i am having hair fall since 2 -3 years. because i travel much and don’t have time to care my hairs.
    also i do l workout everyday in gym in the evening this reason makes me to shampoo my hair twice a day. sometime i feel not to take shower in the morning, it’s also not possible have to go out for work . in case if i don’t shampoo my hairs it become very ruff and dry .
    kindly suggest .
    i am 26 years old.

    • Hello Ali…… first stop taking head bath daily and that to twice a day or else u will lose ur hair completely. And yes u should use shampoo daily to clean ur hairs or else u cn do one thing apply oil in night and then wash in the morning. Apply oil every other night and using shampoo clean ur hairs next morning and if u again need to take head bath then just wash ur hairs using plain water without using shampoo. u cn use almond, vitamin e, olive, coconut and mustard oil warm these oils and then apply on scalp and hair massage gently for 5 min then leave it over night then wash in the morning u cn use pantene shampoo.

      I hv written a detail article on how to control hair fall click on this link to know more:-


  • Priya


    You said mustard oil is good for both facial skin and hair growth. Will it increase the hair growth of face too?

    • Hello Priya……… yes it is good, but one should use the mustard oil mixed with other oils for hairs and for face u cn mix the oil in face mask then use it. Please don’t use it directly on face or hairs, if u use it directly also apply and leave for about 2-3 min on face and for hairs apply and leave for 30 min that’s it.
      And use mustard oil weekly 2 not more than that as it is very heat in nature.

      u cn use natural oil for face, i hv written a detail article on natural oil for face click on this link to know more:-


  • Abhishek

    I’m 16 years old and my hair is falling from front and becoming thinner. I use coconut oil. Can changing to mustard oil solve my problem. But my mother tells that mustard oil is bad as it’s hot in nature.

    • Hello Abhishek….. yes i do agree mustard oil is hot in nature, and i hv advised before also not to use mustard oil directly. u should not use mustard oil directly on hair or skin. but if u still apply it directly then u hv to apply only for 5-6 min on skin and then wash it using mild face wash and for hair if u apply u should not keep it more then 25-30 min then wash it using shampoo. but u should not stop using coconut oil also, u cn mix coconut, mustard, vitamin e and olive oil then warm it then apply on scalp and hairs then massage for 10 min then wash it after 2-3 hrs or u cn keep it over night also. while washing ur hairs use mild shampoo.

      u cn also try homemade remedies for hair growth click on this link for more info:-


  • Yourfriend

    Hi, does mustard oil massage help with skin conditions like psoriasis?

    • Hello Yourfriend….. i think u should go to dr. for psoriasis. they may treat your problem very well. but still if u want to try mustard oil apply on skin leave for 5 min then wash it using mild soap or mild face wash, use weekly 3 times.


  • vksdenl

    hello good post your ARE AWESOME!

  • anushka

    hie dear…can u plz tell tat is mustard oil turn my white hair to black again by daily using it on the white hair area of head,,,thnx,,,,!!!

    • Hello Anushka…….. u should not use mustard oil directly on scalp and hairs, as it is very heat in nature. mix mustard oil with other oils like olive oil, vitamin e oil, almond oil or coconut oil then warm it and then apply on scalp and hairs. u cn leave it overnight or wash it after 4 hours. apply these oils every other day. it better u use heena for gray hairs.
      i hv written a detail article on how to take care of hairs click on this link:-


  • siva

    Iam 27years old i have a dry skin and getting white patches on my face due to winter .now a days my face is getting black in color .Is it good to use mustard oil directly for my skin.

    • Hello Siva….. u should not apply mustard oil daily on skin as it heat in natural, u cn apply weekly once for 5 min then wash it using face wash. u cn use this oil on face, Olive oil has a large of vitamins a, d, e & k, which is key source of proteins needed to fight against the free radicals. This makes olive oil particularly helpful to reduce acne & dry skin.

      follow this link to know more natural oils for skin care:-

      u cn use this mask for patchy skin,Grind 2 tsp of oats; add pappy pulp, 2 tsp of honey and milk to make a smooth paste like mask. Then apply this mask on clean face, leave for 20 min then gently massage for 2 min then wash it using cold water.

      i hv written a detail article on how to get rid of patchy click on this link to know more:-


  • madhu

    Can mustard helps in removing wrinkles and lines under the eye

    • Hello Madhu….. yes mustard oil helps to reduce line under eyes but u should not use it daily as it hot in natural, there may be a chance of getting pimples but u cn apply little weekly once and gently massage for 5 min then wash it using mild face wash, but u should apply very carefully as eye area is very sensitive.

      u cn try this remedy also, Apply vitamin e oil daily night before going to bed. Clean your face and apply vitamin e oil around your eyes and wash it in the morning.
      i hv written detail article on how to get rid of line under eyes, follow this link for more info:-


  • anil kumar

    time and again you have been telling people about the wonderful benefits of mixing Mustard,Olive,vitamin E, almond, coconut oils to apply on hair.
    My question is, can I use this amazing combination for a relaxing body massage?

  • Fazeem

    since one month am having two small white patches on my face. Can you please give me a remedy??

    • Hello Fazeem… Try this remedy, Take Yogurt (curds) – 1 tbsp, add Multani mitti powder – 1 tbsp and Mint powder – 1 tsp. Now soak multani mitti powder in curds for half an hour, then mix mint powder in it. Mix all the ingredients well and make a thick paste like mask. Apply this mask on the clean face. Then leave it until it gets dry or 20 min and then wash using your face using lukewarm water and then using cold water.

      I hv written a detail article on how to get rid of patchy skin, click on this link to know more remedy:-


  • lopita

    Am facing massive hairfall (1000+per day) post pregnancy for last 4months. Was trying mustard oil mix with honey For 2 Days. Will this help to stop hairfall? Plz tell me the proportion n let me know through my mail. Waiting eagerly for u r ans.


    • Hello Lopita…… Let me tell you that it is very common thing of hair fall post pregnancy. Yes u cn use Mustard oil it will reduce hair fall, but for few months hair fall will be there. u cn also add coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil with mustard oil and warm these oils and use it.


  • swathi

    Can u plz suggest me a good mustard oil brand, will Dabur mustard is good?
    becoz i use some mustard oil wic causes me hair fall… i used to boil mustard oil before applying.
    i suffer frm cold the day i apply mustard oil. Plz let me knw the procedure to be followed:P

    • Hello Swathi…….. Fortune mustard oil is good one u cn use it. And don’t boil it just take mustard oil, coconut oil and olive oil, warm it before applying and then apply on scalp and hairs massage for few min then leave it for 3-4 hours and wash it using mild shampoo.


  • Jai

    going through the article, i had a question to you that mustard oil is good for massaging the body, but instead to that if i use sesame oil ( Til Ka Tell ) for massaging the body. Do this is good or harmful to me. If good plz tell me the benifit of the oil.

    awaiting for your kind reply.


    • Hello Jai….. Yes u cn also use sesame oil to massage your body, the best benefits of sesame oil is it will give u Beautiful and Healthy Skin. it will make ur skin smooth and soft and shining also.


  • Divya

    Hi Pragati,

    I am suffering from Grey Hairs from past 8 Months. Can I use Mustard oil with small pieces of Amla cut into it . Can this Mixture be preserved and used on weekly basis. Also while using , Do I have to heat the oil required or I can directly apply.


    • Hello Diya….. Yes u cn use this remedy, and yes directly also but if u use directly then its better u use weekly once or twice, and u cn mix other oil with this oil and warm it should not heat it.


  • Prabhaz

    Hi Pragati,

    I am facing problem with my facial hair since my facial hair so thin and tiny . Using Mustard cooking oil will increase the facial hair growth faster ? can this be mixed with Amla oil as 1/4th quantity to increase the facial hair growth ?
    can you suggest me on facial hair growth faster ?
    Thanks in Advance.

  • onima

    Hi, my baby is just 3 months old. Can i use mustard oil daily for doing massage on his whole body in summers. As mustard oil is hot in nature.


    HI, I mahadeb have a problem of hair loss can you give me suggestion of this & also queries about mustard seed give in to a machine then at first oil fount it is pure , this oil mixed with any chemical or not. how to test it is pure or not in home please reply

    • Hello Mahadeb…… I dont think u will get a pure ready-made oils now a days. and i m really sorry i have no exact idea about how oil is formed? i normally use Fortune mustard oil.

      u cn use this remedy for hair loss. You can get coconut milk in any store or you can easily prepare at home. Just take 1 whole coconut and grate it and then grind it with water to make a liquid. Then strain the grinded coconut and then store it in a glass bottle. Now apply the freshly prepared coconut milk on scalp and hairs and leave for 35-50 min. then wash your hairs using mild shampoo followed with conditioner. You can apply coconut milk on scalp and hairs after shampooing the hairs. Coconut milk is also a good conditioner for hairs and helps to soft and manageable.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-


  • Ammu

    HI pragati,
    Really good post and good job :) :).
    My problem is my face looks so dry and aged because of salt water we are using here in home.Can u suggest me a tip to maintain skin and hair even we use salt water for bathing/face wash

    • Hello Ammu…. thank you very much :)
      u cn use milk cream for face, apply milk cream and leave for 10-15 min then wash it is using lukewarm water. use this remedy weekly 3-4 time if ur skin is too dry. and for hair, massage ur hairs weekly 2-3 times before shampooing and make sure you won’t wash ur hairs without applying oil on ur hairs. u cn also try vitamin e oil apply this oil weekly 3 times in night before going to bed then wash it next morning using normal water, u cn use this vitamin e oil for hairs as well as face also. u cn massage ur body using this oil.


  • dilip

    wat wil happen if i apply musturd oil dirtecly for a night

  • nandini

    if we have pcos problem how the hairloss to be treated

  • kavitha

    Can use this oil for new born baby, then how to use this oil and what quantity to take …

    • Hello Kavitha…. u cn use it but mix with other oil like almond, vitamin e, olive and coconut oils. if u are using mustard oil along with these oils then u cn use weekly 2 times not more then that. u cn add 1-2 tsp. of mustard oil along with these natural oils.


  • Aarti

    Very Nice details given for Mustard Oil….

  • Thangamani

    O:-) Have dull and oily face, can use this oil… Tell some solution.

    • Hello Thangamani….. u cn use this remedy, Take about 2 tsp. Fullers earth, 1 pinch of turmeric powder and 1 tsp. rose water/lemon juice, Make a paste of fuller’s earth, turmeric powder and rose water (lemon juice if your skin is extremely oily). Apply this paste all over your face; wash off with lukewarm water when dried up.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-


  • Rae

    I previously dyed my hair it is too light and I feel that it is dry. Will the mustard oil make my hair a tint darker?

  • gudda

    hi, i am suffering thyroid problem, my TSH level range is high n my hair fall starts badly, at hair wash time my hair lost allot, feel cry n irritate, can mustard oil helps

  • DIvya

    Can i use Fortune Mustard oil for body massage

  • pinky mandiwal

    would you help me by saying that which coconut oil used for face scrubbing… the one which is pure or the hair oil…..


  • pinky mandiwal

    hi pragati..

    after applying the gram flour mask on my face .. it started burning… should I continue applying or stop ..

    • Hello Pinky…. u cn use the mask for whole body as well. if it burn little like for 1-2 min then it is normal nothing will happen u cn use the mask or if it is burning to much and for long time then just stop it don’t use it at all. u cn use vitamin e oil if rashes happens.

      Pragati Kiran

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