How to prepare natural face wash

Always-Wash-your-Face-Before-you-Hit-the-SackLook beautiful by using homemade face wash, which can be prepared at home itself in a very easy ways and in few steps you can use these face wash instead of any soap or any ready-made face washes.

For all skin types:-

  • Take 1 tsp of besan powder in a blow add a pinch of turmeric powder and 1 tsp of honey and use curds to mix if needed make a fine paste, then sprinkle water on your face then apply this mixture don’t apply near eyes gently massage for 3 to 4 min then wash your face.
  • Add few tsps of grounded almonds,2 tsps of milk and 1 tsp of lemon juice mix altogether and use it a face wash. Massage for 2 min and wash it with warm water. You can use this mixture daily.

For sensitive skin:-

A sensitive skin face wash usually contains aloe-vera and / or green tea as these very mild on skin and which has high anti-oxidants.

  • Take aloe vera leaves and peel the skin take out the aloe vera gel in a blow add 1 piece of papaya and 1 tbsp of honey, mix it well to make a fine paste. And apply on your face and neck gently massage for 3 min then just leave it on your face for 3-4 sec then wash your face
  • Take 2 tsp of thick milk cream in a blow just add 2 tsp of curds in it, mix it and apply this mixture daily while washing your face this face wash will make your skin nourished and smooth.

For best results follow the below step while using homemade face wash or commercial face wash:-

  • Always Remove all make up
  • Apply homemade face wash in circular motions
  • Use ingredients which are fresh and rip
  • Gently pat your skin to dry and not rub as it will cause wrinkles in the long run
  • Better to steam your face as it will help to open the pores and deep cleanse your skin.

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