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Important part of our daily routines especially working women’s, it’s extremely important for our skin to remove all the makeup before going to bed to keep our skin healthy. It may be our eye or face makeup. As everyone knows that doing makeup is an art but removing make up in a right way is also an art. And knowing How to remove makeup? Is very important then doing makeup.


As I have seen most of the women’s won’t remove their makeup at all and they won’t remove makeup even before going to bed also which is wrong. By which they starts getting skin problems like pimples, dullness, dryness or oily skin and many more. You may using makeup removers which you get in cosmetic shop but do you know the removers you get from shop contains alcohol and chemicals.

But today I have got few natural ways of removing makeup which does not contains any kind of chemicals or alcohol, they are safe and makes you skin to be healthier.

Note :- (if you are allergic to any of the following please stop using).

If you remove your make up in day times then you can apply very little vitamin e oil or olive oil on your face but if you remove your makeup in night no need of applying anything but if yours is dry skin then you apply oil in night also.

  • Easy, simple and the best way to remove your make up is first take some cotton & make it little wet & wipe your lipstick cleanly, take a little cotton & make it little wet and slowly remove your eye makeup, first remove your kajal, mascara and then eye shadow, be very careful while removing your eye makeup as eye area is very sensitive. And now face makeup just wash your face with normal water then apply gram flour (besan) in circular motions gently massage for 5 min then let it be on your face for 3 min then wash your face with water if you wish to use any face wash then you can use it but mild one. This is the one way which I always follow to remove my makeup.
  • You can remove your makeup using oils also you can use pure coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil also, just dab the oil of your choice all over the face and even eye area also but carefully wait for 2 to 3 min then wet a very soft cotton cloth in lukewarm water and gently start removing the oil from your face. Very slowly rub the cloth near your eyes to remove eye makeup and if you feel that your skin has become little sticky & little oil is remaining then you can wash your face as usual.
  • Here is one more easy way of removing makeup first remove your eye makeup as directed above and then you can use rosemary oil to remove your lipstick, oil which will makes your lips more soft, just apply the oil on your lips leave for 4 min then wipe it with the help of cotton. And now for face makeup you can use curds or cold milk just you need to wash your face with cold water then pat dry it, now take curds or cold milk in a cotton roll start applying gently on your skin in circular motions until your makeup is removed fully. As everyone knows that curds and milk are natural cleansers and also treats your skin of all possible blemishes.


Apply rose water after you take of all the makeup from your skin and go of for a good night skin. Removing makeup using natural ways treats your skin from all harsh effect which the cosmetics would have caused. Always remove your make before going to bed and make your skin smile :)



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