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As everyone knows that vegetable is rich in vitamins and minerals, which helps to maintain the health and beauty of the skin for long time. The organic homemade mask can be made with vegetables. By using vegetable mask you can save the money and you can use the mask whenever you don’t have time to go out to parlors and get facial done, as it will save your time also.

Here are some vegetables which can be turned into face mask to get healthy and beautiful skin, for good results use these mask weekly twice.

  • Tomato mask for all types of skin

Take ripe tomato cut into 4 pieces and just squeeze a little so that water should come out and then just put those pieces in mixer and grind a little make sure the paste should not be to liquid just it be smooth thick paste. Apply this paste on cleaned face then leave for 20 min and then wash with cold water.

  • Radish and Carrot mask best for oily skin

Take 1 tsp of radish juice,1 tsp of carrot juice,1 egg white and 1 tbsp of wheat flour mix all the ingredient well and clean your face then apply on your face leave for 15 min then wash with  Luke warm water. Repeat this once in a week if your skin is not too much oily.

  • Pumpkin mask for oily skin

Grate ¼ of fresh pumpkin, add 2tbsp of curds and 1 tsp of lemon juice mix all together well and apply on clear face let this mask be on your face for 15 min then wash with normal water.

  • Pumpkin mask for dry and aging skin

Cook ¼ of the pumpkin with 2 tbsp of celery for 10-15 min and add the required amount of the milk in that cooked mixture. Mash all the ingredients into a fine paste leave the paste until it will cool down little, then apply this mixture for 2 to 5 min then wash your face. If your skin is too much dry then add 2 tsp of vitamin e oil in the paste.

  • Cucumber for smoother skin

 peel one cucumber and mash properly; place in a strainer and let the water get drained then add 1 tsp of sugar and mix well. Apply this paste on clean face leave for 15 min then wash with cold water.

  • Carrot  mask for all types of skin

Take 1 carrot grate it and make a paste, then mix 1 tsp of curds and mix 1 tsp of honey. Mix all the ingredient well and apply the paste on your face leave for 20 min then wash your wash with cold water. This mask also add fairer complexion to skin.


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