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Yes, this might be surprising for all of you, that how the leaves can enhance the beauty? But it’s true the leaves have the ability to help the skin to glow, keep it clean, and reduce pimples and pimple marks as well. Leaves not only help the skin but also it is helpful for hairs as the leaves helps to promote hair growth, helps to get thick hairs, reduces dandruff and reduces hair fall.


So everyone is waiting to know which leaves really makes these magic’s. Here are the names of those magical leaves which are easily available everywhere. The leaves mint leaves, curry leaves, neem leaves and unbelievable but believe it coriander leaves.

How to use these leaves for skin and hairs:-

Mint leaves;

For face:-  mint leaves can be used as a toner, it really works as a wonderful natural toner. boil mint leaves with water then strain the water.then use this mint water as toner for skin.once the water becomes cold,take a cotton roll dip in the water and apply on your face.

For pimple:- apply the boiled and strained mint leaves on the area of pimples leave for 10 to 15 mins then wash your face with cold water.

For hairs:- mint leaves promotes hair growth.add a few drops fresh mint leaves in shampoo then rinse your hairs with this solution whenever you shampoo your hairs.

Curry leaves;

For face:- take a bunch of curry leaves put the leaves in mixer and grind the leaves and then apply the paste by adding a few drop of lemon juice in it,apply for 10 min then wash your face with cold water.this will helps to reduces the pimple and pimple marks.

For hairs:- boil a bunch of curry leaves with coconut oil or any oil.remove the leaves when they turn black in color let the oil to cool.once it is cool store in a glass bottle and apply this oil whenever you oil your hairs. you can apply this oil before going to bed or at least 4 to 5 hrs before every hair wash. this acts as stimulant hair growth.

Neem leaves;

For face:- boil neem leaves with water for 30 min then strain the water and store this water in bottle and mix this water in face pack then apply the face pack.

For pimple:- grind the neem leaves with little water make a fine paste and apply on your face avoiding eye area leave for 10 min then wash your face. this will reduce pimple and pimple marks quickly.

For hairs:-  take lots of neem leaves wash them properly and leave the leaves until they get dry means only water should go from leaves then keep coconut oil for boiling boil the oil for 15 min then put the leaves in oil and boil for 20 min and let the oil become cool then squeeze the leaves in the oil and remove the leaves from oil then apply the oil whenever you use oil.

Coriander leaves;

For face:- take some coriander leaves grind the leaves using little water and a pinch of turmeric in it make a paste,add 3 drops of lemon juice and then apply the paste on your face then wash your face once it become dry using normal water.this will help to get rid of pimple.s

For hairs:- boil a bunch of coriander leaves in enough water. let it cool down then remove  leaves squeeze the leaves properly then add few drops of lemon juice in water then use this water as a rinsing water.just rinse your hairs wash your hairs after 20 min.this will help to reduce dandruff.

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