Top 10 Beauty Tips for Working Women

A working woman is always busy with her personal, professional life and social life. At office, she not only handles challenging tasks but in house also she takes care of household work .This does not give them much time to take care of themselves but she has to look neat and attractive at her workplace. Make Sunday as your pampering day. Following three R’s – Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate- will not only make you beautiful and attractive, but also make you lighter and brighter in body and spirit.

 Working women


Some useful tips:

Moisturize your skin:

Most of the women don’t get time to indulge themselves in the luxury of basic skin care. Just moisturize your face every time you leave your home and use generous amount in between the work shifts also. Use a moisturizer which has got vitamin E, olive oil or almond and also apply it before going to bed to make your skin smooth and supple. Most women spent long time taking care of their face but one should also extend time to take care of hands, arms, back and neck.

Detan yourself:

It really doesn’t matter if you are working in an air conditioned organization or sweating outside. Skipping sunscreen lotion can make you a roasted turkey in no time. Also staying indoors will not help you as UV rays from lights are there to penetrate your skin. So get smart and use sunscreen lotion every day according to your skin type.


Most women wrongly assume that daily cleaning of face with soap will get rid of dirt, zits and pimples .But these only open the pores of the skin. Use soap according to your skin type. If you have oily skin use astringent after soap usage to remove residue of soap and dirt. For dry skin use rich moisturizer.

Proper hairstyle:

Go for hassle free hair. Prefer to have short hair as long hair is difficult to maintain, short hair can be cleaned everyday and easy to give conditioning also. Set a proper hairstyle that suits your face.

Weekly facials:

A facial not only relaxes your body but also rejuvenates your skin. Opt for home made face packs.

Homemade manicure:

Scrub your nails to remove the dead cells and dirt. Use suitable hand cream and go for a transparent nail polish to make your nails look healthy and clean.

Get time for foot relaxation: The feet have more than 7,000 sensory nerve endings that correlate to all the organ systems in the body. A simple foot massages and reflexology treatment will make the foot smooth. Rub your feet to get rid of dirt, germs. Dampen your feet with foot cream and use foot spray to prevent foot sweating.

 Removing blackheads: Expose the face to steam just after exfoliation which is a good way to remove dead cells.

 Last and not the least: Consume a healthy balanced diet to maintain a proper lifestyle and optimal health. Reduce stress in your life. When you are under stress, skin is more prone to breakouts and other conditions. Take vitamins especially vitamin A as it helps to produce health cell membranes which hold moisture and give healthier looking skin.

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