Top 10 Strangest Skin Treatments in the World

I know there are lots of people who like to try any thing to get beautiful but these were out of the box beauty treatments which is hard to believe. For instance, while some common skin creams may use fish or seaweed as an added ingredient, these strange treatments use the fish as a literal treatment. But this list of alternative routes of skin care doesn’t necessarily mean you should try them — there are safer ways of taking care of your skin, like acne creams and washes that are time tested. Of course, if you want to live on the edge, the following skin care treatments might be your ticket.

10. Fire Cupping

Fire Cupping

People with bad circulation are treated with fire cupping. This is when small glass bulbs are heated and then placed on a person’s back. A suction in the cup is created and this gets the blood flowing. Fire cupping is effective, but it leaves red welts on your back when it is finished and is therefore not as widely popular or used.

9. Fish Pedicure

Fish Pedicure

For smoother, softer feet, you can go to a spa that offers a fish pedicure. While some skin care creams and products have fish as an added ingredient, this strange treatment uses fish literally as the treatment. Little Garrarufa fish swim up to your feet and gently nibble away at the dead skin cells. This brings pedicures to a whole new level. Fish pedicures are offered all over the world, but it is controversial because some believe it is unsanitary.

8. Snail Slime Facial

Snail Slime Facial

Chilean snails leave a trail of slime that offers healing benefits to the skin. You can get a facial where these snails crawl around on your face, excreting their special slime. You can also purchase creams made from Chilean snail slime. But because some people are grossed out about using literally snail slime, this treatment is considered strange and is not widely popular.

7. Placenta Facial

Placenta Facial

Originally offered by the Swiss, this skin treatment is supposed to treat acne because the placenta contains hormones and nutrients that are beneficial to the skin. Most placenta facials are created with sheep placenta, but it is reported that Beverly Hills has a spa that uses human placenta.

6. Gold Facial

Gold Facial

If you can afford it, treating your skin with gold is a good way to remove impurities. Gold is also supposed to stave off aging and treat cellulite. Yes, there is a treatment offered in Florida where you can have your entire body painted in 24K gold. However, because of the huge cost, this skin care treatment is not as widely common.

5. Cactus Massage

Cactus Massage

You might not think a skin treatment from cactus could be comfortable, but when the needles are removed and a warm mixture is created, it is quite luxurious. Cactus facials remove toxins and rehydrate the skin. But because most people associate the cactus as a prickly plant, this treatment is not widely used and believed to be effective.

4. Breast Milk Soap

Breast Milk Soap

Some people worry that the chemicals in soaps and body detergents are harmful to the skin. This led to the trend of homemade soap. Since breast milk is natural and full of nutrients, people started using it in soaps to treat the skin. However, breast milk is considered an intimate source of nutrients between a mother and her child. Most people wouldn’t want to buy someone else’s bodily breast milk and consider it gross to do so.

3. Chocolate Body Wraps

Chocolate Body Wraps

Chocolate isn’t just for eating, it makes the skin look younger, too. There are several spas around the world that offer full chocolate body wraps. You can also just get a chocolate facial. Melted dark chocolate is the most common type used because it is the most pure. But with the myth that chocolate and sugar create acne and greasy skin, most people don’t proscribe to this skin care treatment.

2. Bird Poop Facial

Bird Poop Facial

Japanese Geishas created a facial that mixes nightingale excretions with rice bran. The droppings are treated with UV light to sanitize them. This mixture exfoliates and replenishes nutrients to the skin. But as you can image, most people don’t like the idea of putting animal feces on their face as an added benefit.

1. Snake Venom Cream

Snake Venom Cream

Snake venom ranks the top 1 strangest skin care treatment on the list. When used in a cream, snake venom is supposed to plump the skin because of the skin’s reaction to venom. It has been used to treat lips, cheeks, and other body parts that people want to look a little more plump. However, because many people are afraid of snakes, this alternative treatment is not widely accepted or used.

There are some pretty bizarre skin treatments around the world. Have you tried any of them yourself? Wouldn’t it be easier to get an acne treatment that is reliable, safe, and easy to buy? You don’t have to shell out a fortune to achieve clean and beautiful skin.

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