Summer is full of pleasures but melting makeup. As summer approaches, you’ll find that your makeup needs to change with the season. Not only do makeup trends changes, but the way you need to wear your makeup changes as well. The face you present in the winter is a lot different than the face you should be presenting in the summer.

Summer, like winter, requires its own special beauty tricks. ” In hot weather, applying your makeup should be as simple and comfy as putting on your favorite pair of jeans and flip-flop,” says New York city makeup artist Troy Surratt. “But the heat and humidity are a challenge, so you have to make a few little changes to your routine”.













But have no fears this summer, there are fixes to your summer beauty problems. To keep your face makeup looking best this summer, below are the makeup tips:-

1. Wear sunscreen lotion All the Time:-

You’ve heard it before. Beauty experts always advise that sunscreen lotion should contain high-SPF and one should have to use sunscreen lotion every day. It’s true! Although you should have been wearing a high-SPF lotion even in winter, its ever more important in the summer because you’ll be spending more time outdoors.

Always choose a facial sunscreen lotion which contains SPF-15 or higher is preferable. As an added bonus  pick up water resistant sunscreen for face and body when you’re at the beach or pool or while travelling. Re-apply your sunscreen throughout the day to keep a shield between the sun’s harmful rays and your delicate skin.


2.Skip the Foundation:-

Classic foundation covers up your pores and sweat glands. While this is fine in the cold and dry air of winter, it can cause problems in the summer. With heavy foundation, you may see an increase in acne. And, if you’re outdoors, you ‘ll likely sweat it all off anyway.

If you feel that you need a foundation for makeup, then its better you go for tinted moisturizer instead. Because this will give you a bit of coverage without the caked-on look you’ll get with traditional foundation. Its better you use light makeup or avoid most face makeup in the summer, especially if you’re going outside. This includes translucent powder and concealor.


3.Use light liner and mascara:-

Apply lighter eyeliner and mascara during summer months. Dark, heavy lashes don’t work for the season. Choose soft black or brown eyeliner and mascara colors and apply them with a light hand. This is especially important for those who have fairer skin or women with red or blonde hair. Carry black mascara along with you in case you’re going from day to night with your makeup look.


4.Choose lip gloss over lip stick:-

Lips gloss workout more good then lip sticks in summer season and stay bit long time then lip stick. Lip gloss is perfect for summer looks, especially if it features sheer pink or peach and light colors with a slight shimmer. It’s better to avoid dark or heavy lipstick wherever possible on important events or going to a night club etc.

Use a simple lip gloss and carry it with you wherever you go to make it easy to reapply. Shiny lip gloss works great for summer as opposed to matte gloss.


5.Choose summer colors:-

Dark makeup colors just don’t work for summer. When you’re planning out your eye shadow or lipstick, lean more towards pink, coral and pastel colors instead of smoky eye looks. Summer is all about color, so a bright sky blue eye shadow will look approprite in this season or we can say as this color is made for this season only.

This is also a good time to apply cream-based blush to apples of your cheeks. Choose a light pink or peach or any other lighter shades with sheer coverage. This is a great addition if you’re going light on eye makeup.

Try to wash your face again it will keep your skin fresh all day and will reduces the risk of sun tanning.



  • Raj

    I enjoyed reading through these tips. Spring is really in the air and we don’t want to wear that heavy makeup for this season. We want to look as natural as the season itself.

  • neeta

    your website is awesome i read every day beauty tips….
    can we apply moistorizer on summer season please tell me
    which Is best for summer season & Winter Season mostorizer & Sunscreen

    • Hello Neeta….I’m glad u liked my blog, Thank you so much and i hope my tips works for u. yes u cn apply Moisturizer in summers, but if u hv oily skin then use it only one time in a day or if u hv dry skin then use it 2-3 times in a day. u cn use dove, Himalaya or Lakme brand. in summer use the moisturizer with SPF.

      in winter u cn use any one of them and use milk cream in face pack.

      Pragati Kiran

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