(Always Anti –Aging Skin Creams Should Be Used After 30 or 35 +)

Now a day due to pollution and many more reasons skin starts losing its quality and wrinkles starts at early age and stay for long time if we won’t take care our skin properly and at right time. So today I would like to share some of the anti-aging skin creams which really work and it’s better to use anti-aging creams after 30+. The primal need to cling on to one’s youth has resulted in a slew of anti-aging products flooding the market. While the claims made by some products have turned many a beauty aficionados to skeptics, there are many others that work their magic well.

Sun has long since been known to be an age accelerator. “80 to 90% of the aging happens due to external factors and can be addressed easily “notes Amlani who believes, it’s never too early to be precautions. While sunscreen is a primary defense, products like the Clique Repair wear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector help erase past damage and prevent collagen loss. The loss of radiance is due to the diminished production of natural oils. A good exfoliating routine and use of products with natural oils like This Works Active Oil, helps replenish dull aging skin.


With age, graying of hair isn’t the only hair related issue to tackle. “As we grown older, there is not enough new growth to replace your hair’s lost elasticity and texture” says Khan. A weekly hair spa and regular use of nourishing conditioners like the Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Conditioner will help address dryness and promotes better texture.

Today I will share some of the Best Anti-Aging skin creams which will help to tightening the skin, and reduce the wrinkles. Below is the list of creams:-

1.     Olay Regenerist  Advanced Anti-Aging Night Firming Cream


This is one of the most recent skins tightening cream from the brand Olay. Regenerist is a sure hit with numerous Indian women! However, what is wonderful about this product is that it can be used by both men too! This is an organic cream that comes in a 50gm jar for just Rs.1199. It suits Normal, Combination and Dry skin types. It boasts of an Amino-peptide +B3 complex along with various vitamins. We all know that Peptides are amino acids that help build collagen.

A recent study showed that women who used Olay Regenerist noticed a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles. Regenerist has a wonderful smell and does not seem ‘heavy’ on application. An added advantage to using this cream is that it hydrates your skin as well. So, you have even toned smooth and soft skin.


2.     Olay Total effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Night Cream


This is another skin tightening cream for face from the house of ‘Olay’. This 50gm steel grey jar can be purchased for Rs. 664 only. It boasts of antioxidants, vitamins and wheat protein for firmer and younger skin. It moisturizes dry skin and claims at reducing open pores, smoothing the skin texture and making the skin tone even.


Olay Anti-Aging Night cream actually helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and the best part is that it hydrates the skin, thereby giving it a firm and supple look although some have said that it does leave your skin oily the next morning. Still, at Rs.664, Olay does what it claims. Worth a try!


3.     Granier  Wrinkle Lift Anti-Aging Cream


Garnier is one of the most popular brands in the country and this product comes in two variants

a. Pro-Retinol from Nature b) Ginger+ Essence of Cherries. 40gms of the former variant is priced at Rs. 240 while 40gms of the latter is priced at Rs. 220. This cream comes in an eye catchy red tiny tub with a white lid. It claims at targeting wrinkles, fine lines, dryness and loss of firmness. The texture of this cream is neither too thick nor too fluid. It is creamy and is easily absorbed into the skin.


While it works wonders for those with dry skin as it instantly moisturizes and hydrates, those with oily skin need to think twice before using this product, especially during the summer. This product actually reduces dark spots and improves the skin tone. However, one needs to continuously use this product as discontinuation takes you back to square one! Overall, a good moisturizer, though effects may vary from person to person.


4.     Pond’s Gold Radiance Precious Youth Serum


At Rs. 899 for a mere 30ml tube, this seems quite expensive as it boasts of being infused with flakes of real gold! The slim glass bottle with its metallic gold cap makes it look quite pretty although it may not be very travel friendly considering the glass bottle. It has a pump dispenser which is somewhat similar to a dropper that sometimes does not work well.  This serum looks clear save for flakes of shiny gold in it. It feels cool like an Aloe Vera gel and a bit sticky, however, once you blend it into your skin, it gives a matte finish look.

It has a mild fragrance. It gives the skin a glow but only for a short while. The good part about this serum is that it does not cause any rashes or irritation. Acne scars however, do not go away despite applying this product. Fine lines and open pores do reduce with continued usage of this serum. An good product though expensive.


5.     VLCC Skin Tightening Wheat Night Cream


For a tiny 50ml tub of this cream, one shells out Rs. 215. This cream needs to be used after cleansing and toning. One of the most prominent features of this cream is its bright turmeric yellow color which may raise a few eyebrows! However, with most herbal products one expects a slight ‘out-of-the-box’ feature.


It has a strong smell though, which may or may not be bothersome. Its consistency seems thick and coupled with its bright yellow color, one needs to massage it well into the skin in order for it to blend in completely. Although it may leave a yellowish tinge on the skin. You may end up sweating on your face and there are chances of breakouts.


6.     Jergens Skin Firming Daily Toning Moisturizer


At an affordable Rs. 279 for a 236ml bottle, Jergens Skin Firming Daily Toning Moisturizer is one that targets the entire body. It is available in two sizes- 236ml and 496ml. The larger bottle comes with an easy-to-use dispenser top. It boasts of an anti-cellulite complex that makes the skin firmer and improves its elasticity.


One quick look at its ingredients and you will find that it does contain hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed elastin, Seaweed Extract, and hydrolyzed wheat protein/pvp cross polymer and various other ingredients that are known to improve the quality of one’s skin. This cream can be used daily, all over the body and especially on target areas like the thighs, upper arms and stomach. It smells great, is absorbed quickly by the skin, is non-greasy and can be used after a bath. It also is considered to be the best skin tightening cream.



7.     VLCC Anti-Ageing, Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream


This translucent and purple 50gm jar comes at Rs. 925 which might seem a bit pricey. It contains extracts of cucumber, papaya, date and chamomile. It also boasts of Polysaccharides 7 ceramics which fight skin ageing and promotes skin regeneration. This cream can be used for all skin types however; it may seem heavy and a bit greasy. Also, in case you have sensitive skin, you need to be careful as you may have break outs. Plus the VLCC Anti-Ageing Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream is strongly scented.


8.     L’Oreal Paris Dermo Expertise Revit lift Day Cream SPF 23P++


Although this is a day cream, it may cause your skin to feel ‘heavy’ for which you would rather apply it at night. It is absorbed well into the skin but may result in a ‘shiny’ look since it moisturizes. The skin looks hydrated, feels fresh and is pleasantly scented. The earlier version of this cream did not contain SPF; however it has been added to the newer version. A 50ml tub costs Rs. 749. Regular use may reduce the appearance of fine lines.  Overall, a good moisturizing cream.


9.       VLCC Skin Tightening Vitalift Ampoule


This product is widely available at Rs. 95 only for 10ml. A small transparent bottle with a tall cap, usage of this product is a mere 4-6 drops with VLCC’s Lime Massage Gel ( Rs.215 for 50ml), however, you may use it with your regular multani mitti pack if you do not have the Lime Massage Gel. These 4-6 drops when mixed with your face pack and used, gives effective results, though not permanent.


Your skin would instantly look clearer and firmer. Therefore it is highly recommended if one is about to attend a wedding ceremony since this product tends to give you an instant, though temporary reduction in wrinkles. This cream moisturizes effectively but has one drawback, its strong smell. Those who suffer from migraines need to think twice before using it. If combined with a sweet smelling face pack, you may be able to minimize the harsh smell.


10.   Vichy Liftactiv Complete Anti-Wrinkle And Firming Care


For a 50ml tub, one needs to shell out Rs. 2090! Quite expensive I must say! This cream boasts of an ingredient called Rhamnose that rejuvenates the skin, improves the production of elastic and collagen and also, claims to thicken the epidermis.  This lightly scented cream feels smooth like velvet and is ideal for all skin types. Not necessarily value for money though!



  • K.G.Sabesh


    I am 34 year and i am a working women. Recently i used to apply any of the home made face mask made with banana, oat meal, lemon & honey , ect before go to bed. Due to my busy schedule i am not able to do this before 8 pm during working days. Now one of my friend suggested me to use PONDS anti aging night cream before go to bed. Can you please advise me whether can i started to use this Anti aging cream in nights even after applying home made mask daily?


    • Hello K.G.Sabesh…….. Yes u hv to start applying anti-aging cream, because ur skin will start getting wrinkles once u reach 30+ one of the main reason is due busy life style and pollution. u cn use homemade remedies for skin tightening and to keep ur skin glowing.But make sure that u won’t apply it before sleeping because night time if u hv oily skin as skin leave a oil that should come out, if u apply it in night then that oil will be inside ur skin only which can leads to get pimples. u cn use in day time when ever u wash or cleanse ur skin u cn apply the cream. and if u wish to apply in night only then apply very little and evenly on skin. if possible for u then u cn use overnight face mask, try out this mask Every night, before going to bed and instead of night cream, massage your face with mixture of 50 ml of vegetable oil (hazelnut or apricot kernel) + 50 drops of essential oil tree tea + 50 drops of lavender essential oil.

      I hv written a detail article on homemade overnight mask click on this link to know more:-


  • K.G.Sabesh

    Hi Pragati,
    Thank you very much for your quick response. So far my understanding was “If the cream is Night Cream then it will not harmful for any type of skin” and please reply whether can i use the Night Cream during day time please? So far i apply face mask during night and wash off one hour before go to sleep (and not started the Anti Aging Night Cream yet), is this a wrong practice? If so can i wash off my face again with my face wash at the time of going bed even after i removed my mask just 01 hour before ?

    • Hello K.G.Sabesh……. u should not use night cream in day because they are mainly made for night use not day use. u cn apply and wash any mask before going to bed and no need to use face wash again. u cn go to bed once u wash ur face mask. if u r 30+ then u hv to start anti-aging cream but u r below that then no need to use it.


  • K.G.Sabesh

    Hi Pragathi,
    Could you please reply form by post on 21st October 2013? I am waiting for your responds to change my routine please………

  • geeta

    Ihve pigmetation my age is 40 also dry n sentive skin suggest the cream

  • Pratiti Ghosh

    I’m 43 yrs old with sensitive normal skin. which day cream is suitable for me ? Presently I’m using Keya Seth Tetra Cream.

  • arati

    Hello madam,

    I’m 37 yrs old i have dry skin.some wrinkles and dark spots and pimples marks in on my face, which anti aging cream is suitable for me day and night please suggestion me, waiting for your reply.

    • Hello Arati…… night u cn use vitamin e oil, just apply and massage for few min then leave it overnight and wash off in the morning. and cream u cn try Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Micro-Sculpting Wrinkle Revolution Complex Daily Treatment or VICHY LIFTACTIV DERM SOURCE cream.

      Pragati kiran

  • Priyanka

    There are so many creams listed above for anti aging. My skin is oily. Which cream work best for me?

  • Niranjan

    im 33yrs old men my face lookin as 60+ age n my skin is oily, which cream should b use to look young

  • diane first

    I use Made from Earth’s products for combination skin. Their Skin Correcting Toner Mist is EVERYTHING!

  • Gayatri

    My age is 31 which cream I used in night for wrinkles glowing skin and for moisturising

  • Dear Pragati,

    I am 30 years old and have a combi skin ( t area dry and rest oily). which cream would you recommend.
    Also would like to know if i have to already start using the anti wrinkle cream ?
    Could you also please recommend some skin tightening packs


    • Hello Deepthi…. u cn use Olay total it is really good one, yes u cn using anti wrinkle night cream. best skin tightening pack is sandalwood face packs mixed with curds or rose water.

      Pragati kiran

  • Thanks for your message Pragati. :)
    Could you please recommend which anti wrinkle cream should i go with considering my skin time

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