Dry skin is a problem that usually draws intermittent attention—mostly in the cold, winter months when the problem gets intense enough to cause significant discomfort in terms of pain and unsightly appearance. Most people do not even realize that dry skin is a health problem that needs corrective measures both, externally and internally. That means, a change in erroneous dietary patterns and habits is called for if you would like to bid dry skin goodbye.

When you’re searching for quality facial products for dry skin on a budget, the number of choices can be overwhelming. With thousands of brands and products on the market, it can be difficult to assess whether it’s worth investing extra money on a new product, or just sticking with a conventional brand. Spas and skin care centers continue to encourage people to invest in designer skincare products. If this is too far out of your skin care budget, there are still some options available at the local drugstore. Here are some of the best, most affordable facial products for dry skin.

Characteristics of dry skin

• Blotting your face with tissue will reveal no traces of oil on the tissue.
• The skin looks rough and is prone to wrinkles.
• It lacks sebum and moisture and looks fragile.
• It chaps easily.
• Usually feels pinched and tight after being washed with soap or on exposure to the cold.
• It has flaky patches that disappear with the application of a rich moisturizing cream or lotion.
• The pores are usually not visible.


Cause of Dry Skin
There are a variety of factors that contribute to dry skin. These ranges from genetic and hereditary factors that are beyond our control to lack of care and neglect that can be modified to treat the problem.

Skin needs to remain clean for it to be healthy. However, the use of harsh chemicals or rough treatment can cause damage to the superficial layers of the skin. In addition, the high moisture content of skin decreases with increasing age and certain Hormone deficiencies. Dietary inadequacies can further complicate an existing skin problem or can cause dry skin to appear.
Daily care for dry skin.
Dry skin needs intensive and regular, depending on the stage of dryness it is going through. A few steps in caring for dry skin include:


• This becomes an essentially for dry skin, especially in women who use make-up.
• Remnants of make-up that are not washed away by water tend to clog the skin pores further reducing the amount of Sebum available to the skin.
• Mild, cleansing milk, if rubbed into the skin gently and wiped off, can cleanse the skin without excessively drying it.
• Ideally, cleansing should be done twice daily—in the morning, before wearing make-up and at night, just before bedtime.
• Plain lemon can act as a cleanser if rubbed onto the skin once or twice a week and the citric acid present in lime juice can work as natural bleach, making the skin look fairer.
• A cactus-based cleanser is a good option for a regular cleanser as it has the highest moisture retention ability and re hydrates the skin.
• The cleanser should be gently massaged into the skin in upward and outward strokes with special attention to the creases near the nose, eyes, and mouth and should be wiped off with a moist cotton pad to prevent excessive drying.

Should you use soap?

It is advisable that individuals with dry skin avoid soap wherever possible. It would be better to use a face-wash that is specially designed for dry skin as it would prevent drying of the skin. If you still prefer to use bath soap, look for one that has a high total fat content, preferably over 70.

Massaging natural oil into your skin 10–15 min before a bath can also help reduce moisture loss and drying. Tub and bubble baths are best avoided in winter as these sap more moisture and essential oils from your skin. If you know you have a problem with developing dry skin, it is best to stick with a warm shower.

Below are the few best face wash brands for dry skin:-
1. Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash:-

Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash is a soap-free herbal formulation that gently removes impurities and prevents pimples. Enriched with Neem and Turmeric. I love the way it works on my skin as if this face wash is made for dry skin. As I have dry skin I keep on trying all kind of products but I’m using Himalaya neem face wash from long time.
Neem, well known for its antibacterial properties, helps in controlling acne and pimples, and their recurrence. Further, when combined with Turmeric, it effectively eliminates acne-causing bacteria. Best use to Clears skin, prevents pimples.
2. Nivea Gentle Cleansing cream (Face Wash):-

This cleansing cream is designed especially for dry and sensitive skin, and contains a number of rich moisturizers that will leave your skin feeling greasy. It also has micro beads that helped to exfoliate dead skin cells away, leaving your skin with a smooth and supple finish. This is a great moisturizing facial cleanser, if you have trouble with frequent breakouts and need some extra protection before applying makeup.
3. L’Oreal Turbo Hydra Fresh Foaming Face Wash:-

When you’re looking for a refreshing facial cleanser that doesn’t leave any residue, this product I L’Oreal is a great choice. It’s a very gentle cleanser that contains a pro-vitamin B five complex; it’s also designed with Beta hydroxyl, which helps brighten up a dull complexion, and it is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog pores. This facial cleanser is an excellent choice if you need something to wash away makeup at the end of the day.
4. Al-may Cleansing Lotion (Face Wash) With Cucumber :-

If your skin is becoming particularly sensitive and irritated in the winter months, you may need something a little more soothing. This cleansing lotion is the light is cleanser in fused with cucumber extract, which can be especially beneficial for sensitive skin. It’s a hypoallergenic formula that won’t clog pores, and contains olive oil, cotton, and a number of herbal extracts, to help cleanse the skin and replenish it with essential moisturizers.
5. PhiSoderm Deep Cleansing Cream Cleanser(Face Wash):-

Cream cleansers are especially beneficial for dry skin, because they can absorb the top layer of skin easily and clean away dead skin cells. This formula is designed for normal to dry skin, but is especially helpful for replenishing skin with moisturizers since it contains vitamin E, aloe, and chamomile. The formula is safe enough to use both day and night, and will also rinse off easily without leaving skin feeling tight and uncomfortable.
6. Origins Frothy Face Wash :-

It feels great on your skin and rinses off completely. You feel like your face is squeaky clean without the dryness. Most of face wash live skin dry and have not prevented breakouts, but since using this many have a massive improvement in skin clarity. Try this face wash you will not find any kind of dryness and breakout.


7. Astaberry Wine Face Wash:-

Astaberry is here with an ecstatic face wash, that everyone will love using. The daily foaming face wash is purely based on the studies done upon Ayurveda. So pamper your skin with Astaberry Wine Face Wash to get supple and radiant skin. The exotic smelling facial cleanser helps fighting against the signs of ageing. So if you have fine lines and wrinkles showing up on your face, use this face wash to remove them and also prevent further occurrence. Gently cleanse your skin everyday with the Astaberry face wash to eliminate all impurities and get a faultless beauty.
Get a complete routine of anti-ageing as this face wash from Astaberry contains the natural ingredient, red grape extract. The strong antioxidant property of red grape extract makes it fight against skin’s free radicals, which otherwise damage and kill skin cells. This property of red grapes makes it a favorite among many beauticians for anti-ageing benefits.


8. Lakme – Fruit Blast Berry Lush:-

Berries are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that protect the skin from damage and aging. These fruits were traditionally used to soothe sun burns and moisturize the skin. Lakmé Berry Lush Fruit Energizing Face wash is a nutrient rich blend of fresh crushed raspberries and strawberries.

Known to have high doses of Vitamin C and essential antioxidants, it revives your skin and returns that healthy glow. The strawberry seeds gently scrub away dead skin cells, while the raspberry extracts rehydrate your skin, leaving it nourished, tingling fresh and smelling of berries all day long.
9. Jovees Clarifying Fairness Face wash:-

A unique face wash developed scientifically using precious herbs with natural vitamin E which deep cleanses the skin, makes skin glow and visibly fairer. It also removes excessive oil from the skin without disturbing the natural balance of the skin. Recommended for all skin types.
10. Vedic Line Sandalwood & Turmeric Face Wash :-

With sense soothing spicy fragrance, it heals and tones up skin. Sandalwood works towards lightening skin complexion and making skin color even. Turmeric with its antiseptic properties helps giving glow to skin.


11. Richfeel Face Wash:-

The Richfeel Face Wash is a unique deep cleanser (without lather), which leaves your skin soft, smooth and fresh. The goodness of cucumber provides extra nourishment and cooling effect to the skin. It is suitable for all types of skin, more suits on dry skin.


12. Lotus Herbal White glow Facial Foam 3 in 1 deep Skin Whitening:-

Enriched with minerals, milk enzymes, Aloe Vera gel it deep cleanses the skin, removes dead cells and prevents melanin production that causes skin darkening. Eliminates excess sebum, dirt and impurities.


13. Aroma Treasure Tea Tree Face Wash :-

A deep cleansing facial wash designed to remove dirt, excess oils & helps to eliminate skin impurities. Formulated with tea tree which is renowned for its antibacterial & antiseptic properties. Helps to keep skin clear, healthier & fresher.


14. Ujala Herbals Papaya Face Wash:-

Papaya Face Wash provides natural face lift by softening the skin and helps to fade off dark patches. Facilitates in deep cleansing the skin by eliminating make up, dirt and surface oil that enables remove dead skin cells. Clears clogged pores and assists in controlling formation of black/white heads thereby reducing the chances of having acne & pimples. Leaves the skin fresh giving you a young look at all times.

Our Unique Herbal Face Wash is extremely mild and gentle, and is a super effective cleanser that will remove all pollution, oil, grit, excess oil and dirt, as well as make-up (if any) from your skin without causing it to dry out or stripping the skin of its natural acid mantle protection.
15. L’Oreal Dermo Expertise Rev-it lift Foam :-

The skin regeneration progressively slows down with age to reach up to 50% reduction in the process. The slow-down is one of the reasons for visible signs of skin ageing. L’Oreal Laboratories have reinforced the anti-wrinkle and firming action of RE-VITA LIFT. New RE-VITA LIFT is enriched with powerful ingredients, selected for their efficacy, to stimulate skin regeneration and fight against wrinkles and loss of firmness.

Aloe Vera and Vitamin E-infused Face Wash work best for dry skin, but you don’t have to pay an exorbitant price to keep your skin well-nourished and moisturized. Try any of these quality facial cleansers (Face Wash) for their skin soothing and healing benefits, and all for an affordable price.


  • meena

    hii pragati..iam hair is very thin..iam suffering too can i get hair regrowth

    • Hello Meena….use this remedy,Henna is the best natural conditioner which transforms dull and dry hair into smooth and shiny hair and also adds a color to them. It also promotes hair growth by strengthening the roots of the existing hair. Make this pack by mixing 1 cup of dry henna powder with ½ cup of yogurt and apply all over the hair. Leave the pack until it dries off completely and wash off with a mild shampoo.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-


  • tanu

    am havng dandruf problem..due to which i have pimple on my forehead..what to do? :cry:

    • hello Tanu….. use lemon to reduce dandruff, Gently rub lemon on scalp and leave for 15 min then wash it, repeat it weekly twice or thrice. and for pimples using sandalwood mask, apply for 15 min then wash it using plain water. Apply this mask weekly 3 times or 4 times.


  • green

    i am having dry skin…..which face wash is suit for it

  • smiliy

    I’m havng hair on my upperlid of my lips.. can u suggest me some natural measure..

    • Hello Smiliy…… u cn use this remedy,An easy to use facial mask to help remove unwanted hair is to squeeze lemon juice into a cup of water. Add Gram flour into this mixture and mix thoroughly. Apply this yellow mixture on the face. Wait for 15 minutes and then scrub your face in the direction of the hair growth to remove unwanted hair.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-


  • rkd

    hai…. am having a dry skin especialy on the face and some dark burnt like patches due to winter….can you plz tell me what must i do/use..??

    • Hello Rkd…. u cn use this remedy, To get rid of uneven skin tone you can use and apply tomato juice on your skin, then massage the pulp on skin for about 10 mins. This remedy cures uneven skin tone, and even clears blemishes and skin patches.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-


  • pink angel

    hi.i am 21 years.i have a hair fall problem..and too much dandruff on my hairs are getting thin day by day..plz do recommend me a good remedy for hair fall control and dandruff…n plz do tell me some brands of mild shampoo..i feel very difficulty in finding the mild shampoo..thanks

    • Hello Pink…… u cn use Nyle or Himalaya shampoo and use this remedy, This is another widely used hair fall treatment as fenugreek accelerates hair growth and protects the natural color of your hair. Take 1 teaspoon of the fenugreek paste and add 2 teaspoons of coconut milk. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-


  • neethu

    Hy…im 20yrs old..i couldnt find a proper fase wash for my skin type…my skin is mila dry skin miderately prone to acnes…nd pls suggest a good shampoo for my curly completely dry mila dandruff prone hair…

  • pooja

    Hii i m 27 skin is very dry nd now a days pigments appear.
    Pls suggest face wash and face cream for cure or for healthy glowing to keep glowing body, so pls suggest body bath nd body lotion too and shampoo too for falling hair

    • Hello Pooja….. u cn use Himalaya neem face wash and Himalaya fairness cream. u cn use Nivea body lotion and Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber Body Mist-8Oz. u cn use Nyle hair fall shampoo or Himalaya shampoo.


  • geeta

    hii..i have dry and dark plz tell me best face wash and cream and plz tell me som tips for getting fair skin.

    • Hello Geeta….. u cn use Himalaya Fairness face wash and Nourish cream. use this remedy, Gram flour has also shown great results when used in face mask to get a fair and glowing skin. It can be used by making a paste with milk and a pinch of turmeric. For oily skin you can add rose water instead of milk.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-


  • shiny

    hey, i am 22 yr,my skin type is dry…
    i am living in bangalore and the water has made my skin dull n uneven skin complexion.
    which face wash should i use to get glow and fairness to my skin?
    and also m getting alot of hairfall, my hair getting thin.. what should i do ??
    plz suggest me

    • Hello Shiny…… u cn use neutrogena face wash and use this remedy for dull and uneven skin tone, Exfoliating the skin supports to removing dead skin cells which may create uneven skin tones. Exfoliation of skin is the main basic key to avoid uneven skin tone. A mixture of curds (yogurt) and grounded dry orange peels will help to remove the dead skin cells, although smooth-ens the skin tone.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-

      Pragati Kiran

    • Hello Shiny…. u cn use this remedy for hair fall, Coconut Milk Remedy, You can get coconut milk in any store or you can easily prepare at home. Just take 1 whole coconut and grate it and then grind it with water to make a liquid. Then strain the grinded coconut and then store it in a glass bottle. Now apply the freshly prepared coconut milk on scalp and hairs and leave for 35-50 min. then wash your hairs using mild shampoo followed with conditioner. You can apply coconut milk on scalp and hairs after shampooing the hairs. Coconut milk is also a good conditioner for hairs and helps to soft and manageable.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-


  • shiny

    hey , m continuing
    plz suggest me with entire skin care
    skin type- normal to dry skin, complexion getting dark,little rough
    hair- dry hair ,little rough, thin , less shiny
    kidly suggest me
    face wash ?
    mosturizer ?
    body lotion ?
    hair oil ?
    shampoo ?

    • Hello Shiny… u cn use this remedy for skin, Using potato or cucumber slices will give even skin tone. Apply the slices of potato or cucumber on the skin and leave it on skin for about 10 mins and wash it using normal water. This remedy will not only hydrate the skin, but will also purify the skin too.

      And for dry and rough hairs use this remedy, Take 2 tbsps. of plain oatmeal, 2 tsps. of olive oil and 2 tbsps. of milk in a bowl. Mix all together thoroughly and form a smooth paste. You can add coconut oil instead of olive oil. And apply on your hairs leave for about 20 mins and wash using lukewarm water followed with mild shampoo.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-

      u cn use neutrogena face wash, u cn use Himalaya Herbals Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion, Dove Moisturizer, u cn use Almond oil, u cn try nyle shampoo, u cn try out dove or panteen conditioner.

      Pragati Kiran

  • Mangala

    Dear Madam,
    i m having dry skin and dark now i m using betanvate N at night and day cram Oly insteant glow if i leave to apply betnavate N my skin will become block and will start pimples its become dark sports and morning will come to office very fresh after some to my skin will become dull and my lips are very dry and dark i m using lakme lipstick it wont be long time in my lips my suggest in my face hair also more

  • lakshmi


    • Hello Lakshmi…..u cn use Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash or Al-may Cleansing Lotion face wash. and u cn use, Fabindia Neem Tulsi Gel Scrub Body And Face.

      Or u cn also try natural scrub, visit this link to know natural scrub :-

      Pragati Kiran

  • vaishali saini

    Hi Pragati !

    my skin was oily 2 years back but now its dry and i am having pimples, acnes on my face since past 10 months, i have used mud pack to reduce pimples and acne but no results found. iam having pimple marks on my face tried lemon juice to reduce the marks my skin is fair all the marks became red pink and it looks prominent on my face. please suggest a good face wash and a creme which will make my skin flawless and hydrated. i want to remove all the pimple marks and blemishes.

    i would be very thankful to you.


    • Hello Vaishali……. u cn use Himalaya neem face wash and u cn use Cut slices of tomato and keep them on acne scars or on full face relax for 20 min then remove it. Repeat this daily for 1 month or more than that to get rid of acne scars.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-

      Pragati Kiran

  • Fairy Shaikh

    Hiii my skin is too dry and rough.. & too dull with dark spots. I need to knw best face wash, cream , moisturizer and body lotion

  • fairy shaikh

    Thank u so much Miss pragati kiran ^_^ I’ll surely try this.

  • Faiza

    Hi…. Myself faiza….. I have a dry, dark skin with pimples only on my forehead and marks… I use multani mitti and saffron pack…. Plz suggest me a face wash and good face regimen to follow

    • Hello Faiza…. u cn use Ponds Pimple Clear White Multi Action Face wash and u cn use Himalaya acne and pimple cream. use milk cream and turmeric powder remedy, mix both of them and apply and leave for 15 min then wash off.

      Pragati kiran

  • ammu

    helo this is ammu… my skin changes season to season,oily and little more dry and i wanna go for herbal wash ,which face wash is suit for me

  • hii plz tell me which face wash i can use i m 36 yr n fair color my skin is normal to dry

  • Rani

    Hii, plz tell, i have dry skin n small whiteheds can i use papaya face wash

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