Your skin tells a story – how about how old you are, how well you take care of yourself, what you eat and how much you drink. So you better take care of it. As our body’s largest organ, it absorbs everything you put on it as well. Here are 10 natural ways to clear up your skin and look your best. 

As time marches ahead, the first thing that shows visible damage is our skin. Ravaged by polluted air and a mostly unhealthy diet, human skin loses its glow and starts aging sooner than any other body part. It’s no wonder that almost every woman is out there looking for an effective and safe clear skin remedy.

There is lot be said about how to get clear, glowing and beautiful skin naturally but I am going to reveal the secret of getting clear, beautiful, healthy and younger looking skin with easily and economically available house hold ingredients without any side effect. Every women and even men wants to get clear, beautiful and glowing skin and are willing to spent lots of money on the treatment and beauty products to get healthy, flaw less and younger looking skin but you can achieve all this with just a single and easy home remedy.


It is not really necessary to spent lots of money and time on beauty products, beauty parlors and beauty treatments. But using easily and economically available at home. You don’t have to look far to find a remedy to suit you. Instead of relying on chemical products, how about giving natural skin care products a try? Below are the wonderful time-tested clear skin remedies:-

1. Apply fresh mint juice over the face every night to get clear skin. For a soothing body pack, prepare a paste of mint leaves and add the juice of a lemon. Mix it with warm water and apply all over your body. Leave it till it dries and rinse with warm water.


2. Take ¼ cup of cocoa, 2 teaspoons of cream, ¼ cup ripe papaya, ¼ cup honey and 2 teaspoons of oatmeal powder. Mix and apply to your face. After 10 minutes, wash your face with warm water.


3. A mixture of turmeric and sandalwood paste apply for 10 min then wash it using normal water, this mask is very effective in rejuvenating dry, parched skin and to get clear skin.


4. Mix 2 tablespoons plain yogurt with 2 teaspoons of finely ground walnuts. Wet your face and gently work the scrub into the skin. Avoid scrubbing under the eyes. Rinse after 20 minutes with warm water.


5. For a simple rice flour pack, mix ¼ cup of rice flour, ¼ cup of milk and 1 tbsp honey. Apply on your face and neck and rinse off after 20 minutes. It’s a wonderful remedy for wrinkles and it also clears up your skin.


6. A simple neem pack can be made by mixing ½ teaspoon neem powder with 2 tablespoons yogurt. Apply on cleansed face, avoiding the area around the eyes. After 15 minutes, remove using a wet sponge dipped in cool water. Use twice a week to clean clogged pores and banish pimples.


7. Applying a paste of red sandal powder and coconut milk (different from coconut water) results in soft and clear skin. Washing your face with tender coconut water will keep it blemish free.


8. Mix cucumber juice with milk and use it instead of a cleanser. Apply grated cucumber mixed with an equal measure of carrot juice. Rest for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water. Cucumber also offers a soothing relief for sunburn and itching.


9. Mix a little alum with the juice of half a lemon. Rub this mixture on your face for an instant refreshing clear skin. Apply a mixture of grapes, lemon and egg white. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.


10. Add grated apple skin with equal amounts of apple juice and lemon juice. Apply for 15 minutes and wash off. You can use this mask daily to get clear skin.


11. Take 1 banana and 1 tsp of honey, mix mashed banana and honey. Apply it on face and neck leave for 10 min then wash it using warm water. For clear skin repeat this weekly thrice.


12. Take ¼ tbsp. of carrot juice and 1 tbsp. of honey. Mix both the ingredients then apply it on your face and neck leave for 15 min then wash with cold water.


13. Take 2 fresh strawberries and 2 tbsp of plain curds. Make a paste with these ingredients then apply on your face and around eyes leave for 15 min then wash it using 15 min.


14. Take 1 green apple and 1 tbsp of raw honey; make a paste of these ingredients. And apply this mask on face leave for 20 min then wash it using warm water.


As you see, you don’t have to break the bank looking for the ideal clear skin remedy. It is very easy and inexpensive for you to make these clear skin home remedies. The ingredients for these recipes are available either in your kitchen or at your nearest organic food store.
Results may not be seen overnight, but these recipes are safe, natural and time-tested that you can be sure of their effectiveness. Consistent use of these clear skin remedies will result in blemish-free, healthier skin and a happier you!


  • hi well im having dark circle,blemish,blackheads,acne,acne scares,black spots on my face.is this remedy will solve all my skin problems and give clear skin? i was finding alot of remedies bt im really love your remedies. i like your tips regarding the mixture of turmeric powder and sandalwood powder.bt im confused as u stated add turmric powder and sandalwood powder and apply to your face. actually am i must add water or rose water on the mixture of turmeric and sandalwood powder to make a paste? how long its take to show the positive results?pls reply i really want to try your tips?

    • Hello Lisha…….. yes u hv to mix water or rose water to make a paste like mask.
      u cn use oats face mask also to get clear skin. for acne spots u cn use, Take 1 cup water, ½ cup oatmeal, 2 drops of lemon juice and 1 tbsp cinnamon powder. Pour water in a medium container and place on gas bring it to a low to medium heat. Add oatmeal and lemon juice. These help exfoliate your pores and cleanse your skin. Leave it to cool down a bit and then add cinnamon powder. And the mask is ready. Apply this to clean face and leave for 20-30 min. then wash it using lukewarm water and just pat dry the face using soft towel. Apply bit of moisturizer. Repeat these two weeks once for a month and then once a month for three months. This homemade mask will remove acne scars and blemishes.
      i hv written a detail article on how to get rid of acne spots click on this link for more info:-http://123beautysolution.in/?p=1166

      For acne u cn try this mask, 1 raw egg; and A few drops of lemon. Separate the yolk and the egg white then whisk the latter and add a few drops of lemon. Mix a little bit because the ingredients bind well.now apply this mask on acne and leave it until it gets dry then wash it using cold water.

      click on this for more remedies for acne:-http://123beautysolution.in/?p=803


  • thanks alot for your wonderful suggestion really thanks bt is the mixture of turmeric powder and sandalwood powder will solve my skin problems such as acne.acne scares,blackheads,blackspots,dark cicle and blemish if i wear only the mixture of sandalwood and turmeric powder everyday until end of next month because im really worried about it im so embrassed also

  • Sibani Dash

    Hi Pragati,
    I have combination skin(t-zone) on my face.My skin color is dusky.when i am going out from home, my face looks so fresh.but by the time i come from office, it looks so dull.i don’t go out that much still after 2/3 hrs it starts looking dull.can u plz suggest some home remedy for lightening my face or to keep fresh for max time.
    my 2nd concern is my hands and feet are so dark as compared to my face and body color.Also i have very dark elbows.i always use sunscreen lotion (lotus, almond based)but i didn’t find any remarkable difference.
    plz suggest some tips to lighten my hands and feet.

    Thanks in Advance :-)

    • Hello Sibani……. u hv to wash ur face every 1 or 2 hours to keep it fresh and clean. And use Himalaya face wash, and use curds to cleanse your skin.

      u cn use this remedy, Mix 1 tbsp of milk powder, 2 tsp of honey, few drops of lemon juice, 2 tsp of oats and milk to make a fine paste. Mix all the ingredients then apply on clean face and neck, leave for 20 min then wash it using cold water.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-http://123beautysolution.in/?p=1261


  • vikas

    Thanks you Pragati Kiran, I like your advice

  • Sibani Dash

    Hi Pragati,

    First of all, i want to say Thanks a lot for so quick response. But i was not able to see it as i was out of station for 20 days with out net facility.
    Definitely i ll try ur advice and let u know.
    but please suggest some tips to get glowing skin for my hands and feet. As these 2 parts r so dark as compared to my face color.i use suncreen lotion while goin out, so its not becoming dark . but i want to get the proper color for them as my face skin has.

    Thanks In Advance :)


    • Hello Sibani…… u cn use this remedy Take 1 banana and 1 tsp of honey, mix mashed banana and honey. Apply it on face and neck leave for 10 min then wash it using warm water. Or u cn also try this remedy,For a simple rice flour pack, mix ¼ cup of rice flour, ¼ cup of milk and 1 tbsp honey. Apply on your face and neck and rinse off after 20 minutes.


  • jyothi

    Hii madam,i hve oily skin,hav piple pbm from past 10yrs now am using neelac gel for face,bit ok now……..but having blackheads,pimples,spots,i never used facial makeup,can u suggest any facial kit and also can i do facial n salon …thank u :-)

    • Hello Jyothi…… if u r doing facial for first time then u go to salon and do it. u cn use anti-acne facial kit or any good facial which includes scrub in that.
      Apply Sandalwood mask weekly 3 times, Use this remedy, Take one egg white, then use cotton ball to apply egg white on your skin. Leave for 20 min or until it gets dry then wash using warm water. It also helps to reduce oiliness and makes your pores tight. Apply this mask daily for 2 months to get best results.

      U cn use Margo soap daily 2 times.


  • Christina Jacob

    Hello my name is Christina. I have dry and very sensitive skin. I need a home made cleansar because whatever I buy from the stores do not work for my face and I break out. I just want clear and clean skin and to prevent breakouta and help my other breakouts to vanish. PLEASE HELP ME. Thank you

    • Hello Christina……u cn try this natural cleanser,Papaya is an ideal cleanser for oily skin. Gently massage, daily on your face for fresh and clean skin. Massage for 10 min then wash it using warm water.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-http://123beautysolution.in/?p=953


  • Shanu

    Hi Ms Kiran, Im a 35 year old male. My facial skin is very sensitive.I have sun allergy and more over i get boils if i put any cream on my face and after it leaves a black mark on the face. Please help to get rid of the black marks.
    Thank you in advance.
    Happy New Year!

    • Hello Shanu…. u cn use sandalwood face pack for 10 daily on black marks.

      Pragati kiran

      • Tamil Selvi

        Hi, I have sensitive skin.. Before i was using godrej cinthol it made my skin dry and my face oily.. so i changed my soap to himalaya neem and now i have very dry skin even on my face.. i have itching over my body.. Please suggest me soap and face pack to make it moisturised.. I dont have even tone on my face.. and Please suggest me home remedy to remove hairs on legs also…
        Thanks & Regards,
        Tamil Selvi

        • Hello Tamil…..u cn use dove soap n use lakme peach moisturizer. use this remedy to remove hairs, Prepare a thick mixture of turmeric powder (haldi), Gram flour (besan) and curd. Apply t on the skin and leave it to dry. Rub off the mixture gently from your skin and wash off with water.

          Follow this link to know more remedies:-http://123beautysolution.in/?p=931

          Pragati Kiran

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