Who doesn’t want thick, shiny, gorgeous and long hairs? Everyone does, and this is why we see all kinds of hair care products in the supermarkets and drugstores everywhere – shampoos, conditioners, oils, waxes and creams. Some products are effective and some aren’t but those that promise quick results are usually way beyond what we can afford.

Hair growth treatments are one of the best ways to prevent thinning, shedding, and breakage; to ensure optimal hair growth; and to prevent potential hair loss. But, aren’t treatments and products that promote fast growth expensive? Well, yes, but you don’t have to buy them! In fact, there are a lot of awesome growth treatments you can make in your own kitchen using essential oils, herbs, and even fruits and veggies!

Luckily, there are hair care solutions that we can make ourselves, from inexpensive ingredients that are readily available in the groceries and in our gardens. All it takes is a few mixing procedures and you’re all set to make your own natural hair loss homemade remedies.


Thick, long and lustrous hair is one of the most visible trademarks of a beautiful woman. A Woman with thick and long tresses always creates a favorable impression on one’s mind. For many centuries, people in the world have searched and tried different home remedies for hair growth. But do you know why hair growth reduces after a period??

Each of our hair strands go through three stages in its entire life cycle- the Anagen stage, the Catagen stage and the Telogen phase. During the middle age i.e. around 30 years on wards, the hair growth starts slowing down due to the hormonal imbalances, improper diet and excessive stress.

In today’s article I will discuss about the various home remedies to accelerate natural hair growth, various oils that are helpful and most importantly the diet, which will help you to get rid of your hair fall problems.

Read on to know more!

Home Remedies for Hair Growth:

Why waste thousands of rupees on expensive clinical treatments for hair growth, when you have a variety of effective home remedies for hair growth available at the snap of your fingers. These home remedies are cost effective, easy and has no side effects. However one has to be patient and be regular with their application.

1. Onion juice:

This is the oldest and the most efficient home remedy for hair growth. Onion juice is rich in sulphur, which boosts the production of the collagen tissues and thus helps in the re-growth of hair. You can use red onions or shallots by chopping it into small pieces and then squeezing out its juice. Then apply it on your scalp and keep for 15 minutes. Finally rinse off with a mild shampoo.

This is the easiest way to derive the benefits of the sulfur content of onion. Just blend some onions in your food processor and extract the juice; apply this on your scalp and leave for at least 30 minutes or more if you wish; rinse off using a mild shampoo. If this is done for a minimum of thrice a week, you can expect to see results within one or two months. Please be patient as this is a natural remedy.


2. Apple cider vinegar:

This vinegar gently cleanses the scalp and maintains the PH balance of the hair, thus accelerating hair growth. Use the apple cider vinegar as a final rinse after shampoo to get healthy and shiny hair.


3. Egg mask:

Egg has been used since the ancient times for combating hair loss. It contains high levels of proteins which help in the formation of new hair. It is also rich in sulphur, zinc, iron, selenium, phosphorous and iodine.

In white of an egg, add 1 teaspoon of olive oil and honey and mix it well to form a smooth paste. Apply all over the hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water and shampoo it off.


4. Fenugreek:

This is another widely used hair fall treatment as fenugreek accelerates hair growth and protects the natural color of your hair. Take 1 teaspoon of the fenugreek paste and add 2 teaspoons of coconut milk. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo.


5. Potato juice:

This is a secret remedy as most of the people are not familiar with the hair growth properties of potato juice. Simply apply the potato juice on the scalp and leave it for 15 minutes. This can also be used if you’re suffering from “alopecia- thinning of hair”.


6. Henna pack:

Henna is the best natural conditioner which transforms dull and dry hair into smooth and shiny hair and also adds a color to them. It also promotes hair growth by strengthening the roots of the existing hair. Make this pack by mixing 1 cup of dry henna powder with ½ cup of yogurt and apply all over the hair. Leave the pack until it dries off completely and wash off with a mild shampoo.


7. Cayenne pepper:

This special pepper stimulates hair growth and prevents thinning of hair. Mix 1 teaspoon of pepper powder with 2 teaspoons of olive oil and apply on the patches. Wash off with cool water.


8. Coconut milk:

Coconut milk is rich in proteins, iron, potassium and essential fats. It reduces hair shedding and breakage. So if you want to experience healthy and damage free hair, use coconut milk. Extract the milk of a coconut and apply on the targeted areas. Keep it overnight and rinse off with cool water the next day.


9. Green tea:

As you all know that green tea is rich in anti-oxidants which prevents hair loss and boosts hair growth. Apply warm green tea all over your scalp and leave it for an hour. Rinse off with cool water.


10. Indian gooseberry (amla):

Everyone is familiar with the magical properties of amla. It is the powerhouse of antioxidants and vitamin C. Amla promotes healthy hair growth and also improves the pigmentation of the hair. Mix 2 teaspoons of amla powder or juice with 2 teaspoons of lime juice. Apply this on the scalp and let it dry. Rinse with warm water.


11. Cumin seeds:

Cumin seeds can be soaked in the olive oil or castor oil overnight, and then can be applied on the targeted areas. Wash after 15 minutes with a mild shampoo.


12. Hibiscus flower:

Hibiscus is truly said the “flower of hair care.” This flower is used for curing dandruff and enhances the hair growth. It also thickens the hair and prevents per mature ageing. Make a paste of the hibiscus flower with coconut oil or sesame oil and apply on the hair. Rinse with a mild shampoo.


13. Vitamin E oil:

Vitamin E oil is rich in anti-oxidants thus it helps to fight away the free radicals. It helps in increasing oxygen in the body and thus increases the blood circulation in the scalp. Massage the vitamin E oil onto the scalp and leave it overnight. Wash off with a mild shampoo the next day for soft and smooth hair.

Regular massage with the essential oils promotes hair growth, reduces hair fall and split ends and makes your hair soft and smooth. After massaging your hair with any essential oil, wrap your head with a hot water towel or a shower cap. This allows the pores of the scalp to open up and helps the oils to penetrate into the scalp better. It also stimulates the scalp and improves the blood circulation which boosts the hair growth. Regular application of the hot oil treatment also reduces dandruff and gives you a pretty and shiny hair.


14. Flax seed oil:

Flax seeds are a rich source of essential fatty acids which helps to transform dry, damaged and brittle hair to healthy and shiny hair. The omega 3 fatty acids in it promote healthy hair growth. Include flax seed oil supplements in your daily diet or use it with the combination of other essential oils.


15. Olive oil:

Every beauty enthusiast is familiar with the health and the beauty benefits of the olive oil. Olive oil is used in face packs, face masks, scrubs, body oils, hair tonic etc. It helps preventing as well as curing hair loss by stimulating the formation of new hair. Regular use of olive oil prevents the formation of DTH hormone and thus facilitates hair growth. Rich in anti-oxidants, it is very beneficial for overall hair health. Olive oil also acts as a natural conditioner by making the hair soft and silky.

Include olive oil in your daily diet or use it as a per shampoo treatment. You can also mix it with lavender, sage and rosemary oil for hot oil treatment.


16. Celery and Mint:

Put a bunch of celery and mint leaves in a pot of water and boil it for 20 minutes. Strain out the leaves and let it cool. Rinse your hair with this concoction every day to make your hair roots strong and stop hair loss.

17. Garlic:

Garlic is widely known for reducing the shedding of hair. It also boosts the regeneration of new hair and promotes the scalp circulation. Boil a few cloves of crushed garlic in olive oil or coconut oil and then apply it on the roots of the hair -follicles. Use this treatment thrice a week.


  • sasi

    thank you very much.should i want to use all these remedies for hair or should i want to try any one remedy for hair. and after i gave birth to my baby last year, still my belly is in same size. will you suggest some tips and to reduce weight.

    • Hello Sasi……. u cn use any one of these remedies. and u hv to use the remedy at least 1-2 months to get results. to reduce weight u cn start dieting and avoid fried and junk foods, drink lots of water and daily walk for about 45 min to 1 hrs if possible walking 2 times morning and evening.


  • sasi

    i want some tips to grow hair on baldness head, could you pls suggest some tips

  • Jenifer

    Hi Pragati,

    Can u tell me best tip to reduce the growth of unwanted hair in face..

    • Hello Jenifer…. use this remedy, Mix sugar with freshly squeezed lemon juice and add water. Mix well and then apply it on the face in the direction of the hair growth. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Then rinse with cold water, rubbing the facial area gently. The granular sugar and lemon mixture will act as a gentle exfoliating agent and remove facial hair. The lemon juice will act as an astringent and natural anti septic. Repeat once every week to find an improvement.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:- http://123beautysolution.in/?p=931


  • sakshi

    please suggest me some tips to improve the growth of my front hair,,they are too short and i think their growth is almost nil…:(

  • sakshi

    thnx..:) well how much time will require to get a positive result.. ?



    • Hello Paramjeet…..u cn use this remedy, Mix Olive oil and Aloe Vera gel equally then apply this mask into your scalp and hairs then gently comb your hairs leave for 30 min then wash it. This is the best deep-clean conditioner for hairs. You can use this conditioner 20 days once.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-http://123beautysolution.in/?p=1170


  • rimi

    Which shampoo is best for hair fall control and thinning of hair

  • meena

    hiii..how to use hair conditioner properly..what kind of water we can use..we can use only for hair not for scalp..how much time we will be wait for applied conditioner..plz tell me mam clearly..

  • meena

    plz tell me the diet food for healthy hair..


    Hi Pragati,
    earlier for my skin your advice was really helpful. now n new problem. plz help out. my hair from forehead has started to move out. i have long beautiful hair but from forehead haevy hairfall has taken place n it seems now tht my front scalp is exposed. plz its vry bad in appearance. i apply egg curd n methi paste weeky 0nce n then i shampoo it. alternate days i massage hair oil kp overnht n wash off nxt morning. u plz suggest me wat else i need to do. is thr some medcine or some spcl oil or any othr way to ge drid of this problm. im workng n havng mornng offce. so plz kindly sugest a solution whch can b applied on sundays, coz evryday i dront take head bath. waiting for ur rply. thank u

  • Ayla

    If anyone has tried the green tea option, I have a question. How many times in a week do you have to apply it? I don’t want to damage my hair, for applying it too many times.


    • Hello Ayla…… u cn use green tea remedy daily but better u use weekly 3-4 times, u cn prepare ur own tonic for hairs using green tea, just boil about 4-5 tea bags with 2 cups of coconut oil / olive poil / mustard / any other oil of ur choose. once it start boiling fulling then turn down the heat to a slow simmer. Leave for at least 1 hour or until the oil turns a bright green.Leave the mixture to cool completely, remove the teabags and pour the oil into a spray bottle and spray onto your hair. Gently massage the green tea oil into the roots. Keep the green tea oil for as long as possible.

      Hope this solution will help u out.

      Pragati Kiran

  • Ayla

    oh and also, if this works on coloured hair too? Does it damage the color? And when are the results visible?

    • Hello Ayla… yes it will not damage the hairs but there are chances of fade the color little, as u will use natural remedies it will take some time as it works fast on few people and slow on few people.

      Pragati Kiran

  • Ayla

    Hello Pragati!

    Thank you so much for the information! :) Just wondering, will vegetable oil work too?

  • rajbir singh

    i am sikh as i always cover my head with turban never take care of my hair and never had cutting…..now i am 28 year old now i cut my hair not wearing turban….problem is now i have roots but my hair is very thin,damaged and slow in growth, i had cutting from 2 years ago at the age of 26…..i was using kesh king seasame oil daily at night…kesh king aurvdeic capsules 1 daily,, contains ashvgandha etc…and kesh king alovera shampoo daily at morning to wash nights seasame oil i did this from 2 month 5% groth i see….can u plz give me ur advice what alternate oils or shampoo can i use….and how should i wash my hair after oiling…i mean what precaution i should take before washing or shampooing my hair after oiling

    • Hello Rajbir…u cn use Nyle shampoo and u cn use the mixture of these oils, mix coconut oil, vitamin e oil, mustard oil, olive oil and almond oil then warm it ans apply on scalp and hairs leave it overnight and wash in morning apply this mixture weekly 3-4 times.

      Pragati Kiran

  • Deepa

    Hi pragati,
    I read out all the home remedies given by you but still am a lil bit confused . Actually I am suffering from extreme hair fall,n at dis point of tym am using olive oil for scalp massage and inthe oily hair itself I apply ginger juice mixed with curd before head wash.Is it beneficial for me?
    Please do help!

    • Hello Deepa…….. ya u cn use this remedy, but u cn also use Vinegar remedy. Just apply vinegar on scalp and hairs massage gently for few min then leave for few min then wash ur hairs using cold water.

      Pragati Kiran

  • shikha saraf

    Hi… I have severe hair falL prob.. plz suggest me some remedies..after applying olive oil in night n den applying onion juice in morning to dis oiled hair n keeping it for half an hour n den shampoo.. is it a correct method..

  • Walela

    Hello, Pragati :). I have lots of very long Native American hair. Now that I’m nearing forty years the strands are growing thin and break very easily. My silver strands are stronger than my black ones lol. Despite how much hair I still have, the hair fall is HUGE. Now, I wondered first could the fact that my body doesn’t produce enough feminine hormones (long story) and I have to take hormone supplements have anything to do with this? My hair is the type that doesn’t take color, curls or any kind of unnatural styling well. It falls right out into straight. It braids well but that’s it lol. With my Cherokee heritage, age, loss of hormones, etc, what is the best thing I can do for my hair to make it strong and shiny again with less hair fall?

    Love and Light,
    Walela (Hummingbird)

    • Hello Walela…. u cn try out this remedy, Mix 1/2 cup of olive oil, add 1 well-beaten egg yolk and 1/2 of lemon juice. Optional add lavender for better scent. Apply this hair mask on your scalp and hairs, then cover your hairs using shower cap. Leave for 30-45 min then wash it using normal water followed with mild shampoo. Along with this remedy use oil remedy as well.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-http://123beautysolution.in/?p=2054

      Pragati Kiran

  • I have very dry and Frizzy hairs I want straight hairs

    • Hello Vishakha….use this remedy for dry and frizzy hair and to get straight hairs, Grate a coconut to extract the milk from it. Coconut milk has hair straightening permanently properties. But if you add lemon juice to it, it will give you better results. Refrigerate the mixture for a few hours. A creamy layer will be produced on the top of the mixture. Apply that cream to your hair and wrap it with a hot towel. Wait for at least one hour. Then, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and dry it completely. You will rediscover your hair with added softness. At the same time, your unruly curls will also become manageable.

      Follow this link to know more remedies:-http://123beautysolution.in/?p=907

      Pragati Kiran

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