THANK YOU to all my wonderful friends


Hello my friends :)

I would like to thank you all for your outstanding support. We have now reached more than +500 likes on Facebook and     + 1,00,000 lakh visitors per month.  We also upgraded so it’s compatible with most of the Tablets and Cell Phones so you can now browse our blog with great ease with your hand-held devices.

I wish I always get this kind of support from you all and also request your valuable feedback, if in case we need to do any changes or improvement  to our blog.

Have a great day and always remember natural remedies gives delayed results, but the delayed results stays life time  :)

8 comments to THANK YOU to all my wonderful friends

  • Nitya

    Hai im 22 year old…my face got black patches or fade on top nose,chick and dark circles under eyes and neck..i already using many remedies and cream to rid that..but cant ..please give me tips to get rid on this problem. :-(

    • Hello Nitya…….. u need a which will clear ur skin, for dark patches u cn rub lemon,daily rub lemon for 4 min on dark patches then leave it until it becomes dry then wash it using cold water.
      i hv written a detail article on how to get clear skin visit this link for more info:-

      And for dark circles use potato slices, keep potato slice on both eyes and relax for 10 min then remove it repeat this daily.
      u cn click on this link to know more remedies on dark circles:-


      • Nitya

        tank you so much.i’m from Malaysia ..this method will effective rite..n right now i’m using ponds white beauty pinkish day cream and face wash..Is that good for my skin..or need to change…N is that true ponds product will give side effect for our skin…which one is good 4 face….
        .i couldn’t find ponds night cream..can u suggested one face cream..for kind ur information .i already use garnier product which is not response..its only darken my skin… :-)

        • Hello Nitya……. yes u cn use ponds cream, u r already using it rite so did u find any side effects from this cream, if no then u cn use it. yes its correct ponds cream will give side effects but it depends on skin type also not every body will get side effects. if u still want to try another cream then u cn use Olay cream. for night u cn use over night face mask, apply tomato juice on face and leave it over then wash it in the morning it will keep ur skin soft, and clear. I hv written a detail article on over night face mask click on this link for more info:-


  • Nitya

    hai nitya hair fall after straigthning …i using the treatment shampoo but still falling…can u suggest best ways to get rid this problem.hope after tis my problem all will solve.. :-)

    • Hello Nitya….. u cn apply egg mask for hairs, mix 1 or 2 eggs depending on hair length, 2tsp of honey, few drops of lemon juice, few drops of olive oil and curds. Then apply on scalp and hairs neatly leave for 45 min then wash it using mild shampoo. use this mask weekly twice.

      u cn control hair falling by using this hair oils click on this link to know the best natural oils for hairs :-

      Massaging oils into hair will help to reduce hair fall. massage ur scalp and hair weekly 3 times, u cn also keep it overnight then wash in the morning using mild shampoo.


  • Madhumita

    Im 17..And i have dark hands..from shoulder to fingers,not similar to skin tone! Can anyone tell how can i lighten-brighten theM? :( plZ? I also want a remedy for dark underarms..i scrub them gently wid soap but no improvement in them!

    • Hello Madhumita….u cn use this remedy for dark underarms,Mix 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 tbsp of honey. Apply this mixture on underarms and leave for 15 to 20 min. Wash it and then pat dry with towel. Repeat this weekly twice and do this after taking a bath and apply some alum afterward.
      Follow this link to know more remedies:-

      U cn use this remedy for hands, Mix Baking soda and water to form a smooth paste and then use this paste as a scrub on tanned areas, gently massage for about 7-8 min then rinse off using cold water. Repeat it every alternative day for about 2-3 weeks then u can see the difference.

      Check out this link to know more remedies:-


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