Top 10 Lipstick Brands In India


Lipsticks colors enhance the beauty of our lips and it makes one’s personality to look attractive. Beautiful and glossy lipstick colors always attract men as well as women as they both are conscious about their lips.  There are various brands which are available in cosmetics shops in India. It is very important cosmetic that completes […]

Homemade Remedies to Get Fuller and Bigger Lips

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Many women dream to have bigger, fuller and sensuous lips. They make the face appearance more visibly and attractive. So it is unnecessary to say why maximum of the women run to the cosmetic clinics around. Though a surgery will surely give more long lasting results yet one should keep in mind that it might […]



Skin problems are very common in these days but among them most sensitive skin problem is lip freckles. Every one of us is anxious about circles that appears around our lips and causes to turn them black. Lips strengths your personality and to boost your persona. So if you are suffering with the same problem […]