Best Shower/Bath Oils for Skin Care

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What are the best benefits of using bath oils for skin care over traditional soaps and gels? Apart from their prices and convenience on many online and offline stores, bath oils have well-blended with natural formula that penetrate into the skin to rejuvenate skin cells. Everybody wishes to have a baths with candles, face masks, […]

DIY Beauty Hacks for Skin Care Routine


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We all need fast, quick and easy solutions in times for skin, hair and makeup problems. It’s pretty a passion for people like us to always keep an eye on advance, new and innovative beauty hacks to make our life easier.

As much as we love our elegant beauty routines, sometimes we […]

Top Homemade Remedies For Glowing and Fair Arms


We all pay more attention to our face and hairs and we want clear, glowing and fair face and healthy long and shining hairs. But have we ever thought of our arms and legs, yes there are few people who take care of their skin of arms, legs and whole body’s  care. And do spend […]

Best Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Freckles

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Freckles are a common skin problem  which is mainly faced by people with fair skin due to sensitivity from being over exposed to sun rays. Freckles appear as round small brown spots  that appear on the skin called freckles are produced due to over creation of melanin in the skin cells, it is an frustrating […]


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(Daily Nourishing body lotion with SPF 20)

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Today, I will be sharing the reviews of lotus herbals almond nourish body lotion. As little winter has already started so this season I want to give a try to something new brand body lotion, as I wanted a body lotion with SPF and moisturizer as […]

Reviews of Dove Indulgent Nourishment body lotion

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(With Shea butter)

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Dove is always one of my favorite brands, I have used many products of dove and I’m happy with the positive results. Dove has a wide range of products like shampoo, cream, conditioners etc… Today, I am going to review Dove Indulgent Nourishment body lotion with Shea butter. Actually I […]

Reviews of Parachute Advansed Summer Refresh Body Lotion

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I had a shop almost of body lotions and more and more lotions like Dove, Vaseline, Joy, etc. This time I could not resist myself from picking up this curvy bottle of newly launched Parachute summer refresh body lotion with double sunscreen which smelled so promising. I found this body lotion quite interesting because of its […]

Natural Homemade Body Lotion Recipes for Skin Care


Homemade skin care remedies are easy and fantastic way to nourish the skin and the best thing about these remedies are that, you know what the ingredients present in the remedies, and we can avoid using harmful or allergic ingredients that many present in commercial products. Another advantage of homemade remedies are that it’s more […]



Sugar is not a healthy ingredient to intake in our daily diet as it may cause health problems like weight gain, diabetes, cellulite, joint pains and skin problems. Sugar is known as a natural exfoliate for skin, for this reason many peoples use sugar as scrub to cleanse the skin and exfoliate it. Applying sugar […]



If you need shining and soft hairs, soft, clear and younger looking skin, a healthier body then read on this post. Pure and clear water is the world’s ever best natural beauty product. The benefits of pure water on health, body and beauty is far best then the other leading brands beauty products in this […]