Homemade Walnut Scrubs Recipes For Skin Care

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Walnuts include wonderful nutritional values, which are high in vitamins and proteins. I think almonds are also good for skin care but walnut has some useful oil for the skin too and hence in this article you will find the best and easy homemade walnut scrubs which can be prepared by yourself at home. When […]

Best Homemade Oatmeal Scrubs for Skin

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There are many natural ingredients which can be used as natural scrub, like rice flours, oats, sugar, sea salt, grounded coffee etc… Today I will be sharing few natural oatmeal scrub recipes for face. What oatmeal face scrubs have? Oatmeal has soothing properties and it has been known from a very long period and it still […]

Homemade Salt Scrub for Skin Care


Salt is the best ingredient to make our own homemade scrub, and moreover it is that ingredient which is present in everybody’s home. These scrubs really work great during winters, when our skin gets dry and stores dead skin.

Now here is the easy ways to get rid of those dry, patchy and dark skins […]



Sugar is not a healthy ingredient to intake in our daily diet as it may cause health problems like weight gain, diabetes, cellulite, joint pains and skin problems. Sugar is known as a natural exfoliate for skin, for this reason many peoples use sugar as scrub to cleanse the skin and exfoliate it. Applying sugar […]



Forever searching for the Fountain of Youth, many people may find themselves spending hundreds, even thousands, of Rs on beauty products, salons and spa treatments each year hoping to achieve the latest and greatest skin, hair and body.

Many of us tend to take care of our facial skin but completely forget about the rest […]