Homemade Protein Masks For Dry and Damaged Hair

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Do you all know that our hair strands are made out of protein that is 88% Keratin protein? This recommends that the best hair products we use should help us to maintain a healthy stability of moisture and protein to our hair. Unluckily most hair products don’t! As maximum hair products are made up of […]

How to make a shampoo @ Home

This is a very ancient procedure of making shampoo, when granny’s use to prepare this homemade shampoo and which is really good for hairs, it controls hair falling and promotes hair growth reduces dandruff, split ends and a very good solution for all kinds of hair problems and which saves money and gives best results…    Just seven steps and your […]

Coffee powder & tea decoction reduce Hair Problem

Coffee powder & tea decoction reduce Hair Problem….

There are lots of home ingredients, which can be used to reduce hair problem…I have picked one among them to reduce  Dull and Damaged hair Problem.