Best Hair Care Shampoos for Men

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Most of time men use whatever shampoo is in the shower and is regularly bought by the mom or girlfriend or wife. However, just like every skin is different, every hair type is also different. This is the reason why you should do your research and use different shampoos for men’s hair.  Every man wishes to have […]

Homemade Treatment for Dry Hair Using Olive Oil

Dry, frizzy hair happens any time during the year and it is does not have any timing or any seasons. Dry hair is caused by a lack of humidity in winter and the sun’s rays in the summer and some time when hair is not taken proper care. Are you suffering from the dryness of […]

Best Effective Homemade Conditioners For Dry Hair


Conditioning hairs has become very important now a day especially for dry, dull and frizzy hairs. We all spend money on expensive hair conditioners to get smooth and healthy hairs.  How about using the conditioners which are made up of natural ingredients and which are inexpensive. More over these homemade conditioners gives better results than […]

Homemade Recipes to Color Hairs Naturally


Everyone loves to color their hairs, it has become a trend to have a colored hairs especially in summer. Actually colored hairs make one to look young and fashionable.  Well, possibly not everyone but most of people do wish a lighter look for the warmer months.  If you also wish to highlight or color your […]

THANK YOU to all my wonderful friends


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I would like to thank you all for your outstanding support. We have now reached more than +500 likes on Facebook and     + 1,00,000 lakh visitors per month.  We also upgraded so it’s compatible with most of the Tablets and Cell Phones so you can now browse our blog with great ease with […]

All about Hair Care

All about Hair Care

Healthy Hairs looks great on everyone and everyone wishes to have gorgeous & shining hairs. Now in this busy life there no time to go to salon, Most of us look for some solutions at home? So, today let’s talk all about hairs, tired of hair problems & unmanageable hairs & have no time to go […]

How to maintain dull, dry & damaged hairs?

How to maintain dull, dry & damaged hairs ?

Hairs become dull, dry and damaged because of improper maintenance of hairs & due to pollution, direct sun light & hard water…….I will give you few tips by which you can maintain your hairs & get back silky, shinning, soft & healthy hairs. 1>     Mix a […]