Best Effective Homemade Conditioners For Dry Hair


Conditioning hairs has become very important now a day especially for dry, dull and frizzy hairs. We all spend money on expensive hair conditioners to get smooth and healthy hairs.  How about using the conditioners which are made up of natural ingredients and which are inexpensive. More over these homemade conditioners gives better results than […]

Benefits and Uses of Mayonnaise For Hair Treatment


Mayonnaise hair treatment is very happening hair treatment now a days this treatment gives great benefits to hairs. Mayonnaise has a number of amazing benefits. It can be used to get smooth, soft, shining hairs and also it helps to repair and rejuvenate damaged hair. The very best benefit I love is that it helps […]

Homemade Hair Packs For Summer Season

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Our hair drives through a lot of misuses due to present unnatural lifestyle. Sometimes we use dryers, styling, straighteners and chemical treatments for hairs like coloring all the life leaving hairs all rough, dry, dull and lifeless. To give improvement to hair’s health and fill some of the lost life in them, homemade and natural hair […]

Best 10 Homemade Hair Packs

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Everyone of use has faced bad hair days than compare to having good ones these days. We face these days, due to our busy lifestyle, stressful days, lack of natural care for hairs and all the procedures that we experiment on our hair now and then and put all the chemicals on our hair. The pollution has increased […]

Best Homemade Treatments for Dry Hairs

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Facing dry hair problem is quite common now a day, dry hairs can be caused due to pollution, hard water etc…. even though we take good care of our hairs like applying oil, hair spa and all but sometimes the results will remain for few hours or few days then again we have to face […]

Best Seeds for Hair Care


I have posted many posts about hair care using homemade and natural remedies. Today I will share about the best seeds which can be used for hair care. These seeds will help to get rid of hair fall, dandruff, dull hair and promote hair growth in natural ways. Everybody wishes to have long, thick and […]

How to make a shampoo @ Home

This is a very ancient procedure of making shampoo, when granny’s use to prepare this homemade shampoo and which is really good for hairs, it controls hair falling and promotes hair growth reduces dandruff, split ends and a very good solution for all kinds of hair problems and which saves money and gives best results…    Just seven steps and your […]

Coffee powder & tea decoction reduce Hair Problem

Coffee powder & tea decoction reduce Hair Problem….

There are lots of home ingredients, which can be used to reduce hair problem…I have picked one among them to reduce  Dull and Damaged hair Problem.