Easy Steps To Do Your Makeup in Just 5 Minutes


Makeup is the one thing that all girls and women love to spend lot of time to look gorgeous and stunning. It may be a daily makeup, office makeup, wedding makeup or party makeup etc… but sometime we girls are so busy and get very less time to get ready and do makeup. Today’s article […]

Best Smudge Proof Kajals In India for Beautiful Eyes


Kajal which is also known as Kohl as it is extensively known these days has been used in India since prehistoric times to add beauty to the eyes. The impression of a classic Indian Beauty is with long hair, beautiful sari, a lovely red bindi, graceful shape and lovely kajal-lined beautiful eyes. Though earlier kajal […]

Top Eye Shadow Brands For Stunning Eye Makeup


Perfect eye makeup is very important to get a stunning makeup look…it has the miracle power of enhancing the beauty in a delicate and sensational way. When it comes to sexy, seductive eye makeup, we simply cannot do without a good eye shadow palette, can we? Go delicate with your eye makeup and highlight your beauty […]

Reviews of New Maybelline 36H Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner


(In Black)

Are you all also like me, fan of eye liner especially gel eye liner. The one thing that I completely cannot live without is eye liner while going out. I love to write today’s article which is all about my favourite brand Maybelline, I just love this brand’s products and I always use […]

Happy New Year To All My Friends

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May your new year be blessed with wonderful happiness, love , good health, great success, incredibly good luck, continuous fun and peace sending you my heartfelt  wishes with joy that never ends.

Wishing You and your family a healthy and prosperous, Happy New Year Ahead !

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Homemade Remedies to Remove Eye Bags and Puffy Eyes

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Are you feeling old, tried and exhausted because of your eyes? It is truly hard to feel fresh, active and attentive when your eyes are tired, heavy and droopy, because of those frustrating bags under eyes. They are one of the sign of stress, tried and fatigue.

 Are you one of them who are […]

Best Tricks and Tips to Make Small Eyes to Look Bigger

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The nature, shape, looks and size of our eyes is firm hereditary, and there’s barely anything that we can do about them. But by using clever make-up methods, we can always create an impression. There are few ways and makeup tips and tricks to make small eyes to look bigger.

Not a problem whether […]

Top Home Remedies for Thick and Long Eyebrows


Eyebrows are very important as they influence the way we look. A thick and long eyebrow enhances the beauty of eyes. Eyebrows are certainly the most main feature on a “woman’s” face. We all wish to have thick and long eyebrows with a perfect shape. It’s not a new thing to recognize that thick eyebrows […]

Best 9 Ways to Brighten a Tired Skin


After a very busy and long tiring day, skin loses its freshness, glow and looks very tired and dull. The one more reason for tired skin is lack of sleep and stressful day. A tried skin is a root for many skin problems like wrinkles, dark spots, dark circles and fine lines etc… to make […]