Easy Steps To Do Your Makeup in Just 5 Minutes


Makeup is the one thing that all girls and women love to spend lot of time to look gorgeous and stunning. It may be a daily makeup, office makeup, wedding makeup or party makeup etc… but sometime we girls are so busy and get very less time to get ready and do makeup. Today’s article […]

Best Make-up Foundations For Oily Skin

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Make-up is best way to keep the skin bright, attractive and beautiful. Make-up helps in many ways like covering pimples, acne, marks and blemishes, gives even skin tone etc..  And one of the difficult skin types is to maintain even after using make-up is oily skin. Oily skin is very tough to manage when it […]

Top 10 Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

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No one desires to walk around with oily sticky on their face, but controlling oily skin can be a real challenge. Most people have oily skin and because of oily skin they also have blemishes, pimples and other impurities on their skin. It is little hard to keep makeup on oily skin for long time as it […]