Homemade Recipes to Color Hairs Naturally


Everyone loves to color their hairs, it has become a trend to have a colored hairs especially in summer. Actually colored hairs make one to look young and fashionable.  Well, possibly not everyone but most of people do wish a lighter look for the warmer months.  If you also wish to highlight or color your […]

Top List of Hair Color Brands

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Those days are gone were many of us used hair colors just for the resolve of grey coverage or white hairs. Now a day hair coloring can be done to cover grey hair or to change the look on the whole. A lively wide collection of hair colors like burgundy, brown, plum, red or crimson […]



Below are the most asked questions thought of sharing with you all with answers

Q 1. Girls, how often do u go for waxing?

A. It depends on the grow of your hairs as i m a beautician i can tell a normal growth is 2 months if your hair grows every 2nd month […]


Recently I have come across lots of questions about hair colors like, which colors are good for hairs? How often we can apply hair colors? Applying hair colors below the age of 16? And lots more about hairs colors. And now a days 75 to 80% of the women likes to color their hairs using […]