Best Hair Straightener Brands


You have curly or wavy hair and want to try a look with a straight hair but confused which straighter is good for your hairs.  Have you decided to use Hair Straighter and searching for the perfect hair straightening machine? This can get a slight tiresome! You have to choose the one which will not […]

Homemade Recipes to Color Hairs Naturally


Everyone loves to color their hairs, it has become a trend to have a colored hairs especially in summer. Actually colored hairs make one to look young and fashionable.  Well, possibly not everyone but most of people do wish a lighter look for the warmer months.  If you also wish to highlight or color your […]



(For skin, hair, body and more)

I hope you all like my last post “HOW TO DO EGG FACIAL AT HOME” and I think you all enjoyed doing this facial. It is fun right :).   So today, I will share the one more effective ingredient from our kitchen; hope you all will like this also.

Lemon […]