Homemade Hair Packs For Summer Season

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Our hair drives through a lot of misuses due to present unnatural lifestyle. Sometimes we use dryers, styling, straighteners and chemical treatments for hairs like coloring all the life leaving hairs all rough, dry, dull and lifeless. To give improvement to hair’s health and fill some of the lost life in them, homemade and natural hair […]

Multani Mitti (Fuller’s earth) Packs for Hair Care


Multani ‘mitti’ is also known as fuller’s earth is a natural ingredient known as ‘Betonite’. Fuller’s earth has the capacity to help in removing the impurities from the skin without producing any side effects to the skin. The history of this multipurpose beauty substance dates back as the earliest roman times, where it was used […]



What enhances the beauty of woman is her mantle of hair. It is hair which defines woman’s looks, beauty and attracts everyone.  There are many reasons one face this problem like harsh shampoos, sun exposure, blow drying, straightening, dyes, using hair colors again and again and using bleaches. All these dry out the hair and […]

How to control hair fall and split ends?

How to control hair fall and split ends ?

Now a days the problem of hair fall &spilt ends has increased due to junk food, lack of nutrition, lack of sleep, going out in dust & sunlight ( Which we cannot help ) ….,these all things increases hair falling & make hair weaker. I will advise you […]