Reviews of Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo

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I have been using Dove shampoo and conditioner since ages. Dove brand does not need any introduction as we all know about this product very well. Last summer I have use Dove Damage Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo. But this summer I’m not able to use oil much as sweating is increasing day by day so […]

Best Hair Oils and Brands for Summer Season


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After a month I’m posting an article as I was on maternity leave for a short time. And from god’s grace we are blessed with an Angel. Coming to today’s article, I will be sharing the best hair oils and best brands for this summer season. As summer has already started and this […]

Best 10 Hair Care Tips For Summer

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Our hair gets damaged in numerous different ways during summers like over contact to sun’s UV harmful rays, lot of sweating, humidity and spending too much time in a swimming pool which is one of the major causes for damage hairs. Whereas all of these are major causes are sufficient to lead to a bad […]