Best Honey Mask For Skin and Hair Care

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As you all have red my previous articles about hair packs and face packs. In most of the packs I have advised to use honey. As honey is naturally hydrating, helping to lock moisture into your skin. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. So it’s great to use on problem skin: and it is packed with vitamins […]

Best 10 Homemade Remedies for Glowing Skin

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Now a day’s glowing and fairer skin is everybody’s dream. Everyone thinks that it needs lot of money and time to get glowing and fairer skin, but it’s not true because you can make your own masks at home without spending any money and get glowing, shining and fairer skin without spending your time in […]

Best 10 Sun Tan Removal Creams

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I have shared lots about sun tanning, tanned skin and natural remedies for tan removal etc… today I will share Best 10 sun tan removal creams available in market which is really effective and gives tan free skin.

It is very normal for us to get tanned and sun burn, exclusively when we step […]

Top Natural Remedies for Men’s Skin to Treat Sun Tan


In several western countries, people are pretty affectionate of tanned skin and they love to get tanned. But in many other countries like India, Korea and china, they won’t prefer and not so fond of getting tan on their skin. They truly think that it to be very unpleasant as well as inartistic. There are […]

Wonderful Natural Oils for Sun Tanning

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Normally Sun tanning oils are used to enhance a suntan on your skin. Basically the supreme natural result to have happily gorgeous and beautiful skin is to relax in the sun and enjoy its pure vitamin D welfare. During summers and spring seasons, one of the greatest ways warm up the skin after the long […]

Top 10 Easy Remedies for Tanned Skin

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Sun Tan is commonly caused on skin due to exposure or over exposure of skin to the Ultra Violet (UV) rays of the sun. It effects are darkening of the skin, small dark marks, pigmentation etc… as the UV rays leads to increase the production of melanin in the body. Usually skin creates melanin in […]



In one of my post I have discussed, how to remove sun tan using homemade remedies? Today I will share how to remove suntan using homemade scrubs. You can remove tanning using homemade scrubs also.  Everyone love to enjoy summer vacations with their friends and family, but while enjoying vacation one thing comes to mind […]



This summer, Care your skin and remove sun burn or sun tan to prevent your skin with harmful effect of ultra violet rays in the future. Also found in research that sun tan can cause acne or pimple and premature aging symptoms in the form of wrinkles. In the market you can find many products for this purpose but natural […]