Natural Remedies to Remove Upper Lip Hairs

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Upper Lip hair is that part of face, which is always unwanted hair. It spoils the whole look of the face? The hairs can be removed through threading or waxing but at the same time it is quite painful. Many of us are quite lazy when it comes to getting done the upper lips; yes […]

Top 10 Homemade remedies For Acne and Pimples for Men


Acne and pimple are very common skin problem among women and in teens or late teens. Men have a very different skin quality then women. But now a day even men are facing this skin problem due to stress, pollution, lack of skin care, hormonal changes, busy life etc… even they try all skin care […]

Benefits of Spices for Hair Growth

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Now-a-day’s everyone believes and wants to use natural remedies for skin care, as they are safe and they does not causes any kind of side effects on skin. Natural or homemade remedies have lots of benefits for skin and hairs. Today, we like to try all kinds of natural remedies to get rid of skin […]