I know it is not easy to select the best cream for fairness and glowing skin for dry skin. As there are lots of fairness cream products on the market, But we always need to know these creams work on dry skin? So today I will share some of the best effective fairness cream available on the market which I found effective on my skin. What do you do to reduce those blemishes, freckles, spots, and marks on the skin???

Especially since you know that a fairness cream simply isn’t going to do anything!!! Most of you would either resort to some skin whitening cream or maybe some home remedies.

Many products work intensely on whitening your skin and promise all the results. Using these products helps lessen the high pigmentation in areas where birthmarks and moles can be seen. There are natural and synthetic products known to be effective in lightening any skin colour. You will learn how each ingredient works and which products are useful in whitening your skin.

So let’s read below some of the best skin lightening or whitening creams, which have been developed to help eliminate spots, freckles as well as offer excellent sun protection, and not just fairness.


Skin Whitening Ingredients

Most of the skin whitening treatments act by blocking melanin production. Their primary action is to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase. Several treatments use a combination of gels or lotions along with a sunscreen. The following are some of the components you will find in skin whitening products:

  • Hydroquinone – primarily, this substance is used for whitening the skin because of its antioxidant abilities. Cosmetic concentrations are available in 2% while other concentrations are at 4%. This substance does not bleach the skin, but it helps lighten the skin.
  • Kojic Acid – this is the by-product of malting rice or the process of sake production. Studies have shown that Kojic acid is effective in inhibiting melanin production, but this is also an unstable ingredient in without the right cosmetic formulation. When exposed to sunlight, this can turn brown and therefore lose efficiency. Several cosmetic companies have used Kojic dipalmitate as a potent substitute.
  • Arbutin – this is a potent alternative to hydroquinone. Arbutin is harvested from mulberry, white mulberry, bearberry, and paper mulberry. The action of arbutin is to inhibit the production of melanin. Some forms of arbutin are also found in pears, and this substance is considered safe over other skin whitening ingredients.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) – is one of the most researched skin whitening ingredients since it can easily penetrate the skin because of its molecular size. The benefit of AHA is to generate cell regeneration and remove abnormal layers of the skin (exfoliation). The superficial layer of the skin is where most discolourations occur.


1.     Olay Natural White Day Cream

Pros: Triple Nutrient System-Vitamin B3, Pro B5 & E, Visible lightening of complexion after proper and regular use, Contains SPF 24, Suits all normal and dry skin.

A natural day cream that soothes your skin and leaves a beautiful glow is this White Natural White Light Cream from Olay. This natural white light series is suitable for men and women. Enriched with glycerin, vitaniacin – vitamin B3, vitamin E and vitamin pro B5, this White Light Cream leaves a youthful glow on your skin. Also, glycerin is one great antioxidant that protects your skin from pollution, while vitamin E adds the desired amount of moisture and makes your skin soft and supple. The Olay White Natural White Light Cream promises you with a flawless complexion. Besides reducing the marks and spots on your skin, this natural White Light Cream rejuvenates your skin in the unique way. Additionally, the non-greasy texture enables this cream to be easily absorbed by your skin, leaving it fresh all day longThis White Natural Light Cream is suitable for all skin types.


2.   Revlon Touch and Glow


ProsContains botanical extracts as well as multi-vitamins, Contains SPF 15, quite less to the desired level, Gives matte finish to the oily skin, Slight Skin lightening, Stimulates cell renewal and Unisex.


Enriched with Botanical extracts, Touch & Glow Advanced Fairness Daily Moisturizing Cream SPF15 reduces the formation of black pigments and cures the aggravated black spots. Sunscreen agents infused in it guard the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays and prevent skin darkening. Multi-vitamins and Fucogel moisturise the skin giving it essential nourishment and moisture. Within days of use, you get a younger looking skin with a distinctly glowing complexion.


3.     Lotus Herbals White glow skin Whitening and brightening micro- Emulsion


Pros: This whitening cream is more like a lotion as far as consistency is concerned. Hence it gets, quickly absorbed by the skin, Contains good SPF and PA levels, Suits oily skin well, the Plastic pump makes use easier to use and reasonably priced as compared to many whitening creams.


Lotus Herbals White Glow Skin Whitening & Brightening Micro-emulsion Lotion SPF 25 is enriched with Grape, Mulberry, Saxifrage extracts and Milk enzymes that are known fairness agents an advanced formula that blends the nourishing goodness of oil and hydrating properties of water It also contains sunscreens to protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays that can darken the skin. Micro-emulsion is a revolutionary formulation that blends the hydrating properties of water and nourishing goodness of oil in a manner that the resultant formulation has excellent particle size.


4. L’Oreal Paris Pearl Perfect Transparent Rosy Fairness day cream


Pros: Contains SPF 15, Suits all skin types and dry skin, Protects from ultraviolet rays and Promises glow on the face by stimulating skin micro-circulation.


The Pearl Perfect Whitening Moisturizing Day Cream SPF 15 lightens the skin tone and reduces brown spots: Enriched with Advanced Melanin-Block™, a potent whitening agent acts to regulate the production of melanin for a visible reduction of dark spots. Barrier protection against UV rays and skin darkening with patented Mexoryl SX – a potent UV filter system.

Immediate Radiance. It contains micro white pearls which act as light reflectors to visibly brighten the skin for pearl-like fairness and radiance. Immediately, skin feels softer, smoother and moisturized. Your complexion appears more luminous. Day after day, skin is visibly fairer with a healthy glow.


5.     Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Day Cream


Pros: Enriched with Vitamin B3, Moisturizes skin well, No white cast usually, Smooth-ens out complexion and Skin glows.

Lakmé has introduced the Lakmé  Perfect Radiance range that helps reveal perfectly radiant skin with an easy skin regime that includes cleansing, moisturizing, day protection, night repair and intensive treatment.

Lakmé Perfect Radiance 4-week Intense Whitening™ Capsules contain a luxurious serum that effortlessly seeps into your skin, leaving it radiant and flawless in just four weeks. Armed with skin lightening vitamins and anti-oxidants, these lightweight capsules are a powerhouse of pure Vitamin C encapsulated in microsponge which helps in continuously releasing these vitamins into the skin’s epidermal cells. It helps fight off all six fairness blocks –  tanning, dark spots, blemishes, oiliness, uneven skin tone, and dullness.


6.     Garnier Light Overnight Peeling Fairness Cream:


Pros: Micro peeling fruit extracts, Contains Vitamin C, Exfoliates and lightens complexion, Is Unisex, Suits all skin types and Claims to deal with marks and spots too.

If you are worried about those spots on your face and you shy away from talking to many people because you are not confident enough, Garnier comes with a Light Overnight Peeling Fairness Cream, the perfect solution for the spots on your face. For all those men and women longing for that soft and supple skin, this Overnight Peeling Fairness Cream will be their apt choice. The Garnier Light Overnight Peeling Fairness Cream is enriched with ingredients like micro peeling fruit extracts and vitamin C to give you that flawless skin. Also, micro-peeling fruit extracts will rejuvenate your skin and will reduce those marks on your face. Vitamin C will improve the elasticity of your skin and will also promote collagen production.

Besides enhancing your complexion, this Peeling Fairness Cream is perfect for exfoliation. You are sure to fall in love with your beautiful skin. This Fairness Cream promises you with Suitable for all skin types, this Overnight Peeling Fairness Cream from Garnier will help you get that natural glow on-the-go no matter what kind of skin you have.

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